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Pops on Way to Pick Baby Up Daycare

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  • Pops on Way to Pick Baby Up Daycare

    Normal his Dad would pick him up, but with this new job being picky about any time off (apprentice), Lisa called Pops. On recess one of the other kids didn't want to take turns on slide so give the baby a shove before he was ready to slide. Got a little goose egg on his forehead. So she ask for him to be allowed to go stay with us.

    Got ice pk in frig so guess will he handy for that. Just play quietly here today.

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    Ah.... poor kid --- know he'll be happy to see Pops!


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      Pops said he crying. Lisa had to go back to class with the other kids and he sitting in nurse office. I cleaned him up and he has an ice bag on his boo boo and George has an empty bag on his. Told him to rest awhile and then we would bake some cookies. He don't get hurt often, but some of the kids plays too rough.


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        Fixed some tacos for lunch. He like to help grate the cheese for those. Peaches for dessert. Lisa will be off at 1:00 today *her 30 hrs for week up then. She already called to check on him, since they got here. He will have a little bruise, but the swelling going down. Trying to keep him awake, since the bump on head. Maybe a nap after we get back from the flea market.