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    Off and on enter some of the monthly sweeps at freshfiction. So after the contest go back and see if I won. But the few times I have won there, had an email from them. Well this month have checked back a couple of times, and really bad when so many of the contests says winner not verified. If you enter, do most just not check emails that might receive from them?

    I don't think I would take that much time entering *some times lots of sweeps there, and be that careless. I even check my spam folder for wins. Lots of times temped to just delete all at once, but have found a contest win in there a few times. I know some months don't actual go into writerspace and enter there, but will enter one that comes from an author in my email and when enter that is where it's from. I know with those we have to click to verify the email on those, for our submission to count. So try to play by their rules. Do others not do this?

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    I try actually not to enter where I have to check back to see if I have won.
    I want an email or some notification of my win -- I just don't have the time to police all of that. I know I have missed some wins, but I try not to let that bother me.

    Going to lie down. I need a nap. Hardly done anything... but falling asleep.