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  • Can't Sleep

    Slept for a few hours, but when woke up headache. Still warm, and air conditioner cuttting in. Maybe what give me the headache tonight. Anyway took a pill but headache still there. Normally could sit on front porch a few minutes and fresh air help, not with the pollen.

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    Sorry. I actually slept decently well last night ~~ even with that nap I had -- I think my body was just plain exhausted.
    Cleaning lady here. Will be nice to have the place ... clean again after being sick.
    Can't believe how time is flying by!


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      Head finally eased off so didn't get up as early this morning. When I did Pops already up, and fixed coffee and out in garage. Said didn't want to disturb me, peeked and sleeping. So I fixed us a late breakfast. Baked biscuits and fixed some bacon , and grits and he had sliced tomatoes. Pops can eat his tomatoes with most anything.

      Said we would go to flea market when Lisa and baby come over for fresh veggies. Guys sets up on Friday, and not as busy as on Saturday.