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  • Barbecue Cookout

    Warm again. Both Kevin and Mark no work this evening. Kevin even have day off from the apartments. So Mark told them he would put a big pork roast on the grill and barbecue for sandwiches. Everyone should be here around 6:00.

    Right now waiting on Lisa and Baby, will get the buns at Sara Lee when we go there. I made a big bowl potato salad when got home from shopping this morning. Lisa will make a fruit tray, and Kevin bring corn on cob. Not often all the kids off at once, so try to do out cookouts then,

    Gotta run, there is Lisa, so off to Sara Lee.

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    Have a wonderful BBQ!


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      Originally posted by TOYSTORY View Post
      Have a wonderful BBQ!
      Back from bread store and Pops got pork on the grill Lisa and baby just come on back with us. Mark Jr bring her fruit tray over when he comes later.

      Our buns was overstocked and had them marked 50 cents pk. So a great deal for those. Also the brown and serve rolls the same price. The boxes of Ent Sweets $1 each, store had too many and expires in a week. I got 2 pound cakes for freezer, then a couple pks of doughnuts. Lisa got the single snack cakes for lunches 2/$!. I passed those up. She also got of couple of the boxed coffee cakes. But I passed on those also. Seems today was a good day for bread store, but just can't use but so much of that. I had already got loaves of bread at the Dollar Tree. So skipped cinnamon raisin bagels *got the raisin bread already.

      Although not the day for freebie for little ones, the lady at register recognized baby, and told him to pick out something. Got him a small bag of frosted animal cookies.

      Lisa and baby in back yard with Pops. But keep my head inside. Pollen count pretty high again today.


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        Went up to 82 here today. Can just imagine what summer will be. But know I overdone today. Started out with the little shopping with Pops this morning and that lots of groceries to get put away. Pops worked outside some and I wanted to help so bad. Took a chair and sit down ad pulled some weeds out the lillies that are peekng thru the pinestraw outside kitchen window. Pops got the 3 big clay pots repotted with the small plants we have been keeping in garage. Weatherman said no freeze temps this week, so give them a try. Left our hanging baskets on the porches also. Pops washed both porches down, to try to get rid of more pollen. Then the short trip to bread store, but right back home so he could get the pork on.

        Everyone helped with dinner. The meat delicious. I ate 1 sandwich, baby a small one, and others 2 each. Still had a small bowl to freeze *about enough for 3 sandwiches, so enough for Pops and I lunch one day.Lisa gave the baby his bath before leaving and all gone by a little after 8:00. Everyone busy tomorrow, but nice time together.

        Just put my feet up for a while when all left. Think will do my goodreads entries early and maybe a short while on computer then call it a night.

        Shared my eggs with Lisa and Kevin. Don't find for that price often. Gave each 2 dozen and they glad to get them.

        Nite all.