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    Jo, might like to check your store. At the front of mine *guess maybe for Holiday Baking is a small section of shelves set up. This has 4 lb bags flour, Bakers Baking Chocolate (4 oz pks), Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, few bread mixes *pumpkin, cranberry/orange, ect. Not found the flour at my store in that size bag for a long time. Got 4 flour this morning (2 for us and 2 for Kevin's Mom). Know not be there long.

    I had rode with Pops when he took the baby to daycare and we picked the order up at Walmart. My Dollar Tree in the little area mall by Walmart. Being early, not crowded, so did ok. Just got me a buggy up front to start.

    Like you always some things I get here. They had the 1 lb bags northern and also pinto dry beans. The kids like those Pork Rions with sandwich, had both barbecue and reg today. Also those little Red Baron Single Serve Pizza, both Lisa and Mark use to take for lunch. Just restocked, so got 6 each. (pepperoni and also supreme). Eggs the dozen short dated *1 week, so had marked down 2/$1. Got 6 of those. We ended up with a buggy full of food items today. Today was bread delivery day, so hit the store just right. The Pepperidge Farm Breads pretty expensive in reg grocery. Got enough for us and Lisa * 2 loaves Raisin and also 2 loaves Cinnamon Swirl. Cleaning stuff get later, I'm ok on that now.

    By the time we got back home and Pops unloaded, said nobody should be hungry at our house for a long time. But he sure helped, loaded up the bags on his cart and brought to back door. So I didn't have far to tote. Cabinets pretty full again. Now a little break and get us some lunch together.

    Will go to Sara Lee when baby and Lisa gets here after work.
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    You got some greats deals!


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      Yes those were great deals.

      I worked this AM -- just got home. There was another load of things to catch up on. Usually go before the 11th... but alas there was that nasty business of being sick!! I actually had all the bank statements (the corporation has 5 bank accounts for various reasons - 2 are linked and so there was the statements to reconcile)... No issues there because I am the one doing all the stuff and so far anyway... I still know what I am doing (am thankful for that!) Checks to deal with, bills to pay, customers to bill, and postings of payments, etc. Paid company credit card bill and posted that, etc. Just took time. Nothing difficult about it for me, just making sure I get to it. Remembered that the County business personal property tax is due went online and paid that... etc.

      Hubby found he took a car that needed inspection inspection the other day -- but the notice I got reminding me... was for another car we he'll have to do that one too!

      Being out sure drained me. I feel sooooo tired ....
      But I gotta get my email cleaned out and other stuff done now.