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  • Trying to Restock

    With Pops going out of town taking things, and Mae deciding to restock those little food things on spur of moment sure left some blank spots in my grocery stock. I had packed a small box that Pops dropped off for the little guy that was injured in service. Don't do that everytime, but this time felt real impressed to. Canned soups, canned fruits, canned tomatoes and corn, pop tarts, cereal, juice, coffee and sugar. Glad I did Pops said his stuff running real low. He's on some new meds and VA don't cover 2 of them. I didn't go, but he sent a flower to me by Pops. We've got close to him.

    So Pops and I just got a order together for him to pick up at Walmart. Ordered no milk, water, coffee and still order over $86.Also need to try and get myself to Dollar Tree for thigs cheaper there, so about another $20 worth.

    Well Pick Up tomorrow, and Pops also told Lisa would wait to go to Sara Lee, until she get off work tomorrow. That seems to be a good day for some of the specials.

    Pops Little Buddy wanted to stay, so he is sleeping now. Well pretty soon Pops will have 2 of those guys. Hope Baby Mark don't get jealous.

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    My shelves & freezer are getting low too, because I am holding off any big shopping trips until we move.
    After that, I will be stocking up more basics because we will be living further from the grocery store.


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      I think I have everything I need for now. We write a list and about once every week or two fill in the blanks. Sometimes we run out things unexpectedly -- but got it pretty much down ~~ not too often I have to make substitution. Stocked up on more meat at Target which was marked down -- went to Target after funding my IRA because I wanted to get the kids something NON Candy for Easter... didn't buy anything much but the meat Brought home and put in the freezer.

      Yes, Terry -- you don't need to pack food... you should eat it all and then eat out till you move Bet that whole "out further" will be something to get used to.