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  • Off to Bed Soon

    Played game with Lisa and baby and he in bed now. She will be soon. Got her last load of clothes in dryer. Mark Jr had went by their place and brought sheets and 2 baskets of other clothes. So they been catching those up after dinner.

    Pops called and the baby talked to him a few minutes. Said Ms Amy appointment went well, and they picked up her groceries and meds at Walmart. But doctor wants her to have another stress test tomorrow 4:00 pm. The last one showed something he a little concerned with. So he will go ahead and stay another day. So now looks like Thursday be back. Him and neighbor got the gate at front of driveway boards redone, but needs to do a little clutter take off tomorrow, so will have plenty to keep him busy while there. They took her old furniture from the living room to donate and the Precher had give her a sleeper sofa and chair for the living room. So the 3 guys got that in for her. Said in good condition and bed on sofa used very little. So she is proud of that. Can't do everything at the time, but helps where he can.

    But Jo I miss him. And like you say others keeping me busy, so helps.
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    Yes, I bet you do miss him. I am glad Ms. Amy got a new sofa --

    I have been up on and off all night coughing. It's gets violent (the coughing) and sometimes messy -- I just wish I was getting better.

    My niece may have found a place for my sister Ann to move. It's close to her (very close, I'll be within a mile or so) and it could work out so well for her to be near her, yet have her own place. Praying it works out.

    Hubby sleeping still, tho he has plans with my son to finish getting the motor home ready (yesterday and today) for my son's trip coming up with the ATV/UTV's and his guy friends to go riding. I got up a lot to keep him from being awake all night. The cats been following me around, she knows I am not doing great.

    I got a few things done yesterday -- 1 1/2 loads of laundry (some clothes still in dryer)... And I need to think about what I might need to do before we leave for Sesame Place next week so that I can have the time to do it all -- esp. with company (niece and sister coming here same day we return).

    Eye blurry a bit still, itchy and a bit painful -- thought with drops it would be better by now. Oh well, you get older, things take longer to get back!


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      Jo, seems like your sister lots like Ms Amy. She is getting around with her wallker inside, so don't want to give her place up. But sometimes she needs extra help. Like when she had fell. Pops said last night, was proud of her. They picked up groceries had ordered at curb. But she wanted to go inside when he went to get her meds at Walmart. They still have a small sewing section). He pulled up to curb and got one of those power buggy ride on and helped her with it. She used that to get the the section store she wanted. Needed some thread and picked up couple of marked down bundles of cloth. He helped her in shoe department *some up too high to reach. Got her a pair tennis shoes and bundle of socks. They went on over in produce had some things not ordered on computer picked up. 2 bags salad mix, some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers. Mark down bread rack in that section also. Got 2 of the loaves french breads, coffee cake, and tray of oatmeal/raisin cookies She had a busy day, but did get to do a little of her shopping.

      Pops set her a visit to the lady that trims her hair and will take her by there after her stress test today. She'll get a haircut and wash. I usually help her with that when there She not getting out lots, but doing better. Ladies don't stay with her at night now.

      Wish you could get rid of your coughing, know you want to enjoy your company when down.


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        Well, my niece put in an offer. It'll likely mean I will have to go up and help her for a bit to move (closing supposed to be end of May... IF they accept her offer). She might now by weekend -- it just went on the market and there was one other interested -- but if it's God's will -- and I know my sister needs that help nearby (my niece and her family)... so I sure hope it is.

        The coughing gets worse at night, and worse if I lie down. So I am always 1/2 propped up in bed with like 12 pillows but even then it only takes about an hour before the coughing "suprises me" and kicks in -- maybe till it goes (ie I get better) I might just have to plan on being up and down sleep wise. Last night I was tired but it didn't matter... as I said I seem to fall asleep only to be woken up by the deep coughing. And then running to the bathroom!!

        Well, now that I am back on and got my IRA contribution done... I think I'll check my meatloaf and then do some sweeps!