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Rain Come From Nowhere

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  • Rain Come From Nowhere

    Guess not surprised, since went to 81 today. But just started pouring all of a sudden a few minutes ago. Well cookout over and all gone home. Everyone enjoyed dinner. Baby and I don't eat lots of fish, so fixed us a hot dog. But Lisa did pick off bones a little fish for him. But Baby Mark likes to go see the boats and the coolers of fish.

    Weather man do say a cold front come thru tomorrow, so just an example of our up and down weather. Really makes it hard to plan stuff.

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    We had a nice warm sunny day...but they are saying a cold front is coming and we could have thunder and lightening. It was also a bit more windy today than yesterday for sure.
    Grandson is watching beauty and the beast.... hubby is off to bed.
    I need one more sweep for my yesuwon post... so I'll find that and then likely read some.

    So glad you had a nice family cook out before it started.