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    Stopped and picked up produce from the family has under large tent outside Mt Pleasant, they ship in from a family farm in FL. Did well this time. tomatoes $15 for big box, so got that and can share, with nephew and also Lisa. Both of them also sent money and list of things, and ask us to pick up for them. Some really good deals cucumbers, bellpeppers 3/$1. Got some of those for everybody. Small water melons $1.50 or large ones $3.00. Got Kevin small one, but a large one for us and Lisa. Large heads cabbage 75 cents each. Bags baby carrots 2/$1. Ruby Red Grapefruits 3/$1. Got 6 of those for us. Naval Oranges 2/$1. 4 for each of us. Bananas 25 cents lb. Everybody got some of those.

    On to check for fish next and 2 boats selling today. So prices lower, with both wanting sales. Pops had took cooler, so got enough for the cookout tonight and some extra to put up to use later.

    Hardly anyone picking berries, maybe tomorrow when more off work. Had took my little stool and would keep moviing so a few bushes at time in my reach. So managed to get some that way. Baby had his bucket also. Man had give up the largest buckets to use, holds about 2 1/2 lb and sell for $2 each bucket. Together got 8 buckets. Lisa will get 2 of those. But Kevin had wanted the flat that is already picked (6 lb baskets), and since we got all the other berries, guy give us a discount on those. Flat cost $8, normal $10. Did take a short break while picking. Had took cooler with snack, and rested a few minutes. Get upset with my own self not being able to do better.

    Baby had lunch and bath and napping now. I had baked a sheet cake before going this morning, so cut up enough of my berries to ad to the cool whip for top. Just need to frost for tonight. But going to put my feet up for awhile since baby napping. The guys will fry the fish. Kevin bring corn on cob, Lisa bring cole slaw. I'll make a batch of corn bread balls to fry to go with the fish. Beautiful weather out. Everyone should be here around 6:00.

    I know after today, if get any major veggies this year will buy already picked. I can't imagine myself picking lots of beans, squash, etc. Maybe some okra that is up high and can cut it. Would like some of that to freeze for soups and fried okra.

    Not going to mess with the other berries today. Pops and I can work on those in the morning.

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    Well it was 79 - 80 degrees here today. I cleaned some stuff this morning with the girls. My cat claws at her eye and makes it bleed then she shakes her head and it goes all over the walls near the floor -- so I found a few spots and cleaned them by her food and water dishes. Then I cleaned the top of the refrigerator and stove ... not large area but did need to get step stool and climb up to do it. The stove piece was extremely greasy and took a while and a lot of cleaner/scrubbing to get it off. Also did a load of laundry and then went out. Was hoping they marked the meat down more at the Target...they only had $1, $2 off yesterday and usually they have $3 and $5... but they didn't have anything was either all gone or thrown out.

    So went to the other target and got a few things again I needed... new tub mat for the in-laws -- the one one was black on the bottom and I tried washing it in the washer (came out ok but not clean). So it was trash, and I needed another one. Put the car bed in our room (it was standing up in the guest room since my grandson decided he likes the air mattress better) ... and bought blanket and pillow case for it so that it looks "made" in there (on sale total $6). Also got 2 sets of pillow cases -- organic $3.50. Soup for hubby and milk to make him mashed potatoes which he asked for ...for tonight. He sounded bad on the phone, says he has a blister or something under his teeth ... he's dealing but I hope it's not too bad.

    Wish I could grab up the produce fresh like that, and good pricing too.
    Have a great dinner. Grandson due any minute with hubby. No UPS delivery yet.

    Cable TV box downstairs has an issue since yesterdays power outage... so now I had to call them, and they insist we change both boxes as they no longer support the software on the other older ones. Sending them put them in yourselves and send the old ones back with tags/boxes they supposedly provide... but self installation costs $20 on your bill next month. You do it yourself and they even charge you for that!!

    Cleaned up so much here -- I have no idea where anything is ... ha ha ha.


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      Guys out frying the fish, and Lisa playing with the baby outside. Went to 81 today *beautiful. Jo Heath family owns farms in lower Fl and also outside Mt Pleasant But a good ways over just to get produce. When our local crops come in, and go over that way always stop. So most our fresh stuff get at the flea market.

      Lisa was proud of her stuff. Especially the fresh tomatoes and watermelon. Our local tomatoes in grocery store high priced right now. At Walmart On the Vine *usually 3 or 4 small ones $1.79 lb. Also the bell peppers 89 cents each *and that has come down was over $1. So was really happy to get the prices today. Walmart corn 50 cents an ear *on sale for holiday. But to me pretty high. Heath had 3/$1. But Kevin still using some he froze last year.

      Going to use one of my fresh cabbage for cornbeef/cabbage for St Patty day. Better run, need to get the picnic table set up for eating. We all love to eat outside, and nice not to have the fish smell in house.