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  • UPS Delivery Today

    Well, I don't know what it is...but I bet you all can likely guess --
    It's Random House again... this time 14.4 lbs.

    ----and just got another notice for a 4.5lbs UPS from Random House. OMG

    HOLY MOLY. I have no idea how many books that might be.
    The 8.5 lbs. from the other day was 8 books.

    I been having a feeling I am going to win a trip -- maybe my trip is just through the eyes/writing of one of these authors.

    Will let you know what it is when it arrives.
    Girls are cleaning. Feels nice to have the place getting so clean. Hubby and I did things like vaccuum, wash bathroom floors, etc. but only like one room at a time. They are doing them all ;D YAY.
    It's been since before Sparky died that she was here, she asked about him -- He died 17 months ago.

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    Wow, that's close to 30 pounds of books!


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      YEAH.... and it's a LOT of books too!


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        Maybe it's this one...that was only good 3/11 - 3/12

        Prize: 1 Mystery mixed box of books (Prize Approximate Retail Value: $200.00)

        Mystery box of books was the prize...either of these deliveries would qualify


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          It was a mystery box of books and another 4 in second package.
          Total 13 books.

          Titles in the mystery box are odd... like "How to make yourself poop" and "Vagina University" -- if anyone is interested I will type out all the titles.
          I said to hubby no wonder it was a mystery box... and he said that there might be some interesting information in the Vagina University one :LOL

          Fun to win... but the mystery box might have just one to 2 books I might consider reading.
          The other 4 are stories more like what I will read!

          This many books in this short of time makes me think I should stop entering till I can at least get thru some of them.

          Also won another today from a blog:
          Hello! Congrats! You were one of the winners drawn for this giveaway of a physical copy of On Thin Ice by Julie Cross.


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            Very interesting titles - ha! Maybe you should leave 'How to Make Yourself Poop' on the back of the toilet for reference?

            I have slowed down my book entering too, until the move - but I haven't stopped altogether.


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              Hard to slow down when it's so much fun winning!

              2 more... The Art of Stopping Time and The Anxiety Journal
              Gotta make you think that's for sure!


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                Jo, just find somewhere to donate a few you don't read. The other day I gave the box I won of kids books to be used as a raffle. If I win SF ones, a few guys at the senior center likes those. So some I take there. Lots of days when I do my post here, when I start to enter mine, just skip several of them. Not ones I would read, but never know what others might like. Questionable books, sometimes just don't post to start with.


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                  Yes... but I guess when you enter for a "mystery" box... it might just turn out to be a quite a mystery to find someone who might want them.

                  Used book place just opened up called 2nd & Charles
                  -- went by it to Dollar Store for popcorn for Josh -- and already (opened less than 2 weeks) the large "free box" in front of the store was full. Totally overflowing full.

                  Maybe I can send some home with my in laws
                  They arrive on Tuesday. Leaving ??? Hubby doesn't know when they are leaving.