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    Weather man said go into high 70's (possible 80 tomorrow). That is one of the main reason people sick in my area. Pollen count also 10 again today. Pops called a few minutes ago, and the Strawberry field opens a new area tomorrow. So with weather like this keeping the baby out of daycare and taking him with us. If I take me a little stool maybe can at least help a little with the picking, and the baby so much enjoys when he gets to go. Probably go on over and get Pops fresh fish from the boats also. Promised Lisa and Mark a cookout if do.

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    Today it was 70 here. Beautiful. Of course we had a tree limb fall .. and our electricity was out for a few hours. I went out and got stuff I felt I needed.
    Tax prep software, new pillow for hubby (he bled all over his and it was YYCCH) -- RX which we had from other day, but they were out, etc.

    Last night I bought a pink "princess" dress for my granddaughter.. she picked it out when I did a search on them, after I asked her yesterday what she wanted for her birthday.
    1) pink princess dress (was not expensive - $11.80 including the shipping)
    2) pink princess barbie
    3) nello my little pony (didn't know what this was.. but after looking at all the ponys... this is a real thing) found it at Target!

    Didn't find the pink princess barbie.
    Did find a nice divided plate, bowl, utensils and cup set (plastic but bpa free) for another Easter Gift for David -- $2

    Took out frozen turkey to thaw for Tuesday or Wednesday dinner. It is of course in the refrig but I want to brine it before I cook it. Hubby said it was a great idea. Maybe by then he'll be able to eat it.

    Mouth sore...
    Got the cleaning lady coming tomorrow at 7:30-8AM ...that already took a weight off my mind. I mean I cannot mop/wash all these hardwood floors, etc. Didn't tell Jenna. She'll be gone to work and cleaning lady will be gone before she gets home

    Ok, going to go sit with hubby. He worked at the farm house all day.

    Have a great day tomorrow Vera!!


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      Jo, sounds like your Gran going to have a special birthday. Can remember when my baby sister small, she like to play dressup and a princess was one thing she did. Mom and sewed her an outfit for this.

      Getting the cleaning lady, will free you up to do some other things maybe like to do before company comes. Company is nice, but do take lots of extra work for us.

      Pops said he help put the berries up, and Jo family enjoys them so much. So figured would try. Know lots of the summer veggies will pass on this year. Think since over that way will run by Heaths Farms and see what they have from the FL Farm. Pops said those tomatoes "out of this world" last time. Stop there first and then go on over to the boats to check for fish. They start selling them early. Maybe by then time for the Strawberry field to open. Friday shouldn't be as busy as a Saturday.


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        It was my dad...long ago 1992 when he moved in with us -- who said "you can't do it all" -- you need help.
        Before that I did everything - worked all day, cooked, baked bread, took the kids to swimming lessons, piano, football, etc. Wash, cleaning, grocery shopping... everything. Hubby went to work with me (we started our company in 1985) -- but he did not clean, cook, or help around the house at all. Never lifted a finger, never carried the laundry up the stairs, never put ever his own things away. Never did a dish, or even made his own sandwich if he wanted one. ~~ by the way he does now (smile).

        My dad said ...get someone to clean -- because then you won't have to do that. And he even said he'd pay for it. Well, he passed away 2 weeks later -- and I took what he said to heart. I did need help.
        It's a blessing because it's so hard to do it all anymore. Just can't bend like I used to -- etc.

        So I might go back to regular basis ...maybe we'll see. Today it's so good cause of in-laws coming and I don't have to worry about dust bunnies coming out to meet them
        And you are 100% correct. I am going to make her those chocolate chip cookies she loves, and cook meals (she'll fight me on this - because she CANNOT cook -- and it makes her feel bad thinking I am better than she is at something -- and because my father in law loves loves loves my cooking and she hates he gives me that attention....but I am going to do what I need/want to -- after all I am old enough!).

        Have a great day. I am so sorry you aren't feeling better than you are. I hope you get to do all you want/need to today.


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          Vera, sounds like another lovely day - makes me look forward to when my husband retires and we can have adventures like that. Maybe 2 more years.

          We hit 70 yesterday, today is in the 50s and breezy - rain & snow flurries tonight & tomorrow, ugh!


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            Originally posted by tmy56 View Post
            Vera, sounds like another lovely day - makes me look forward to when my husband retires and we can have adventures like that. Maybe 2 more years.

            We hit 70 yesterday, today is in the 50s and breezy - rain & snow flurries tonight & tomorrow, ugh!
            Well, last year Pops and I did lots of volunteer work, and he did more of his woodwork *cabinets and stuff. Had a major talk and decided to cut back this year. He still do a very small job maybe put in a storm door, or repair a widow. But promised no jobs that last for days. Both 68, so time to take things a little slower. Our volunteer work will be cut way back also. A few hours here and there. I enjoyed the school, but sometimes would turn into 3-4 days in a row and not in good area. Had quit that all together. Then Pops knew I missed it, so said maybe go less and he go with me there. So far that is working out.