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  • Pie Day

    Well Pops don't need a special day that. Anyday is fine by him. But Lisa come over to use his computer and us watch the baby for her. Brought Pops a pumpkin pie she had made. One of his favs. We took the baby to park to feed the ducks, and now him and Pops eating pie and milk.

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    I don't eat but 2 pies... coconut cream (doesn't seem to set off allergies) and lemon meringue which is iffy but I do benedryl after it if I need to!!
    None of those today. Hubby struggling to eat soup and potato rolls with butter. So he's not ready for pie either.


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      At least he got the soup and rolls down. just take it slow, Mom had to for a few days.


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        I thought about having a pizza pie, but we ended up just pulling stuff out of the fridge for dinner - I had a grapefruit & some cheese and crackers.
        But I still want pizza.