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  • Power is Out

    Well, I thought I'd be on the computer more today... but the power has been ...and still is out.
    We decided to put the generator on, because downstairs they don't get a whole lot of light -- even tho they have full size windows, etc. and well, everyone is missing the internet.

    There was a branch...across the road down towards the cul de sac. We own part of the road there and then our property goes past the cul de sac on the left side. We went down and pulled the branch off the road (us ladies and kids are good for something).. because the line did not come down... if it had we would not have attempted to move anything. However the breaker, fuse, whatever must have been blown by that happening. The line runs squarely down the middle of the street ... and so the branch came down and then pivoted one way and down. Good thing I guess.

    Anyway Jenna wanted the generator on.. when I don't need it up here -- so we put it on.

    Hubby feels like he can't eat and says he's starving. Stitches and stuff hurting today (adrenaline must be totally worn off) He only took ONE pain pill day of the surgery... and has been taking tylenol. He bled all over his pillow first night, so today I went out and got him a new one. He's on his way home from working all day at the farmhouse.

    Haven't seen the electric company yet.. to fix it. Well, I guess we'll test it in a little while to see if it's back. Thought they might call me... but we'll see.

    Took a turkey out of the freezer for Tuesday or Wednesday when in laws come down. Should be able to thaw and brine it by then. Think I might have to brine it in one of the bigger coolers with ice to keep it cold. But I am going to attempt way or the other!

    Hope to get some more posts up later. Feel free to fill in for me while I am gone.. and thanks for all of you who always have my back! You know who you are ...

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    Hope the lights back soon Jo. Know hard for your hubbie to eat just aanything with all those pulled, but he'll get better. Just takes time. Well sounds like you'll be cooking good for inlaws. I like to do turkey also when have company. Everyone seems to enjoy, and Pops and i not need to look at lelftovers for days. I'll be glad to post as many as can find. Only been on computer off and on earlier today. Worked a little on the sundress for little Princess. Got the little vest made for it. Now working on other part. Also the bags of stuff lady sent us for Little Princess,washed all those. Couple pair of jeans, but lots of shorts and tsirts. Even a couple dresses good enough for church. Know she will be proud of them. Even found 2 pair of sandals included and hope they will fit her.


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      Glad to hear there were some nice things in the bags for Little Princess. I know Catherine gets hand me downs too...and now that David isn't going to have a little sister or brother -- she's been selling the things he grows out of in bunches to local people (craigslist or one of the others) - for like $30-$50 a batch -- many of them have never been worn -- and certainly aren't worn out. She does this with Hannah's too -- so makes her a little pin money that way too. She also buys them from others if she sees a good batch. Keeps $$ for clothes way down.

      Might have said this before but my mom was an excellent tailor and sewed all sorts of things without patterns. She saw it, cut it out and there it was. Amazing. But never taught one of us girls (5 sisters) to sew. She taught us all to cook...and boy ... I love it when they cook. We all learned well -- put our own slant on it...and really make amazingly good meals. She could put a new zipper in a pair of jeans in minutes. I can't even figure out how to get it out (smile).