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    Two of the other ladies will help the guys today. Pops left early (8:00) him and Pete needs to run by and pick some cabbage, carrots up for colesale. And bread man said he would drop off couple trays of hot dog buns for them. The ladies will fix a big pan of slaw for the guys. He took my lemon pies. Mae fixed another pot of the hot dog chili. The guys had took her stuff to do that.

    The ladies getting 2 huge Easter Baskets put together to display as a raffle. So had ask anything we had to help to send by the guys. Will be one basket made for a boy and one for a girl. Pops had a few duplicates of the little match box cars, so said would take 3 of those for the boy basket. Lisa had made 2 sets of hairbows and sending for the girls basket.

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    I am trying to catch up on things while hubby sleeps in. I won't wake him unless it gets near 10AM -- figure sleep is good after all he went thru yesterday. I think he slept pretty well last night and hope today is not too painful for him. He does have the pain meds if it is.

    AND... later I have to babysit so Catherine can help my son at the farm house. He has her brother there for the morning (he's going to fireman training and could use what my son pays him) but he has school this afternoon and he needs help so that he can make sure he can get the dormer roof part finished and sealed up before the expected rain tomorrow.

    Went upstairs and saw the rooms. One is small but perfect for a childs room.. and 2 others are big --the lifting of the ceilings up there really helped. There is even a little spot I saw where I think a linen closet might go! The little room had no venting for heat or air conditioning, so they had to make sure they got that in too... stairs up are fixed and sheet rocked, tho because of the age of the house the width of the stair is small. The other stairs they "walled" in which were teeny -- had originally gone from the kitchen -- these go up from the living room. The downstairs bathrooms are where the stairs used to start up. It is looking good...but has a LOT more work before it's done!


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      I'm just puttering today - laundry, some packing, entering sweeps - this evening I have to make some Census phone calls, but other than that, a semi-relaxing day.
      We'll have fish for dinner - salmon for Rich, Tilapia for me - with salad & broccoli tots.


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        Well, odds and ends for me here at home. Got 2 loads of laundry done. Things moved back around living room, that had boxed up. So looking lots better. Pops had picked up the felt things to go under furniture, so we will get those done as soon as can don't need the floor to mess up.
        Put small green beans/meat in slow cooker. Fixed a potato salad and rice. Pops still has some sliced ham in frig. So dinner ready when he gets home.

        But he called a few minutes ago (3:30) and said him and Pete had 2 small stops to make before he could get home. One senior called in with a leaky toilet, so need to put new stuff in back of that. One daughter had dropped her mother off at Senior Center and she needs to be taken for her therapy appointment and picked back up before they can call it a day.

        Said made a little over $200 on the sale today, and sold 10 more boxes of the cookies for the girls.

        Said a few of the ladies had put 2 big Easter Basket together, and left on display at the center. Raffle Tickets $1 each. The center had bought some nice stuffed bunnies after Easter last year 75% off. So each basket has 1. Mall Game Room donated 2 $10 g/c's, so 1 in each basket. Doughnut Connection 2 tickets for 1/2 dozen of free ones *your choice, so each a ticket. Disney Store donated 2 $10 g/c, so one in each. The Red Box for Movie Rental, give 6 free rental coupons *3 each basket. Walgreens Drugs donated a large candy bunny for each basket along with a bag of jelly beans, tray of the Peeps for each basket. Several ladies brought small items *mostly Dollar Store type. Coloring book with crayons, big jars bubbles, juice pouches, snack cakes, Pops had took the little cars and Lisa Hairbows. nail polish for girls, tooth brushes and paste for both. One lady brought set hairbrush/mirror for girls basket and 2 combs for the boys. Some brought other Easter type candies. One brought a tray of finger paints for each. Each Basket got a 3 pk of Play Dough. Pops said bought a ticket for Baby Mark on a chance for the boys basket.

        So just work on computer now for a little, until Pops home and ready to eat.

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          Well, I am still eating Chicken Parmesan -- and it is delicious still. Had it with some basmati rice I made --
          AND that brining of the chicken breast... OMG. What a difference!!! Been avoiding chicken as it gets 'stringy' -- and you just can't eat it easily... chew chew chew chew...hard to swallow, etc.

          The brining changed all of that. I used 3 quarts water, 3 tablespoons kosher salt, garlic and rosemary -- oh and about 2 tablespoons of olive oil -- in huge bowl with 6 large chicken breasts -- let it brine for about 5 hours. They say minimum 2 hours, or overnight in refrigerator. You can add all sorts of things to the brining... some you need to "boil in to the salted water, and let the water cool back down after" -- haven't tried that method as I wanted to get them done -- and if I didn't do this method - I would have done the chipotle peppers and ranch dressing marinade we all love.

          I am "never" making chicken without doing this -- if I can help it...OMG delicious, tender, easy to eat.. amazing.

          I called my old cleaning lady hoping she can fit me in before Tuesday... My in-laws are coming down from NJ ... my BIL shamed them into visiting him and I think once he did that, they felt they also had to come and visit's next Tuesday. Catherine said she'd help me clean the house, if I needed her to... she knows we've been trying to do it all by ourselves. I told her, let me check first -- and if she helps me I will give her the money I would have paid to have it done (she doesn't know this) -- she likely won't want the money, but I will give it to her anyway -- pin money spend anyway she wants.

          Today I brought her 3 pkgs. of 4 pork chops each. They are the center cut boneless ones I get at Target for $5 for 12 chops. Each large $5 package I buy now I am making her a set of 4 and freezing them for her -- and us 2 sets of 4. Help with her food budget and well, cheap enough. Last week I brought her over some cans of tuna and chicken and peanut butter and jelly, bags of nuts, etc. because she has been feeding hubby lunch for last few weeks while he is working on the house with my son. Today I brought her 2 slices of angel food cake! Which by the way has one slice left... and it was yummy. Gosh I remember making these with the egg whites when we had chickens and so many pound cakes and zucchini breads.

          Can you tell... I am feeling better. Steriod is doing the job. Have 2 more days on it.


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            Sure glad you're feeling better. Know you enjoy cooking, and looks like you're getting back to that. Well, my meal not fancy, but by the time Pops got home he was HUNGRY!!1 Eat, got him shower and sleeping in his chair. He was proud that I got most stuff sorted in the living room.

            One of the ladies at the Senior Center sent me 2 small bags of summer clothes her Grandaughter outgrew. Said to pass on to Little princess. Haven't went thru them yet, but most times nice things. Know she will be proud of them. She is one that also shares patterns with me and Mae.