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    Hubby went and got his teeth done. 7 extractions and new upper and lower dentures. This is a big deal.
    Cost was lower than we expected, and which was "quoted" a few years back. YAY for that.

    They had to "saw" two teeth off his jaw because they had "grown to it" or something like that. YYCCH. He has 9 stitches under the dentures. Can't take them out for 24 hours minimum.
    We did have to run to Walmart for RX's and we had time to kill between when they made the impressions and they did the surgery on his mouth -- so we did the run to Walmart and we ate something ... while he could do it easily.

    Whole Day gone tho...and tomorrow I have to watch Grands, so that my someday DIL can go help my son patch the roof on the farmhouse. He needs to repair part of it where there is a jutting out window (forgot what they call those) which he mostly repaired but now has to shingle on top of it so that it doesn't let any rain in...rain due on Thursday so really has to be done tomorrow... and he needs someone there while he does it -- in case something happens while he is up on that roof. (it's got a good pitch to it)... He says he will need a few hours for that. Catherine has been wanting to go and help but with 3 kids, it's been hard. so she'll get her chance to help and be there... tomorrow.

    So again tomorrow I am going to be gone ... but not going over till noon. So will have a few hours in the morning. Also if hubby has issues, he will go with me to babysit -- or go with DIL to the house -- depends on how he feels, just don't want him to be alone on the pain killers after all that he went thru today.

    Boy do I have a lot of computer work to do!!!

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    Number 2 Son just had the tooth implants, and is on the mend from that. I still have all my own teeth, in fact all the Dentists call the staff in when they clean mine because I still have some baby teeth. The roof probably has a dormer or a skylight in the roof.


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      Jo, so glad the dentist visit is behind your hubbie. Now just time for the gums to heal and he'll be doing lots better. Everyone undertandsthat family is important to you.


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        Yes, it's a dormer... roof is metal but this juts out and has a window -- and needed to be fixed.

        I am sure implants for a tooth or two is good, but when you need a lot of them... it's expensive.
        Our bill was LESS than we expected... Way less so we're happy. I think we paid for one implant with our bill (meaning implants are that much more expensive).

        Hubby doing OK still.

        Thanks for understanding. I want to do this stuff, I enjoy it A LOT... but I also "have a life" as I think Brad once said (smile).
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