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    After being stuck inside yesterday for the floor guys, morning free today. Pops helping the guys with the hot dog sale at center for lunch time. Mae and I going to work on a few spring/summer clothes for Little Princess. Would like to have them for him to take, to her next time he goes down to check on Ms Amy. So maybe limited time with computer this morning. Just waiting on Mae, so working a little on the computer now. Going to pick out cloth for a couple sundresses. Think can manage a small store.

    Last night cut out a couple pair of shorts from pieces of cloth had here at home. Then try to pick up tshirts to go with those. Mae has 2 jean skirts cut out to work on. So together maybe get her a few new things.
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    Mae and I just took our sewing stuff to the senior center to work on. That way there to help the guys with their hot dog sale if needed. They made $315 on the sale today, now even after the cost of things a nice little profit for them. Another sale tomorrow. Trying to build up for a special project they have planned for the summer.

    Pops and Pete took 4 dozen of the boxes of cookies for the girl scouts. Not lots of luck (22 boxes sold). But a few no extra money on them today, but ask for a certain one to put up and pick up tomorrow when come for hot dogs. Know the girls will be proud.

    Mae and I each bought material for a sundress for Little Princess. Mine pale yellow with a little vest flowers on it to wear over top. Mae red with small sailboats. Got those cut out, and can work on as time permits. I got the 2 pair of shorts finished had already cut out and Mae one of the jean shirts. She just needs to hem the other one. Lisa will send new hairbows she makes to match the little sundresses.

    The church was vacation bible school and last year the preacher's wife would pick Little Princess and a couple other kids for this. Know she needs some new things to wear for this. That little one is really growing.

    We just bought a hot dog from the guys for lunch, and waited of them. That way just rode back with Pops. Baked some brownies while there for the guys to have with their sale tomorrow.

    Not many at the center today. Few brought in canned goods, for donation box when we there. And a few guys at the pool table. Center just not used as much now.
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      Well, it sounds like a nice and day with lots of good things accomplished!