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Flooring Turned Out Beautiful

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  • Flooring Turned Out Beautiful

    The guys here about 8:00 am and left a little after 5:00. Did a beautiful job. So proud of it. It's mixture or light to dark brown. My walls off white, so looks nice together. Just need to get new living room curtains, right now navy since my carpet had been blue. Now need to get someone out to replace the blinds on sliding glass door. Need one a little heavier than have now, and also need to pick up an area rug to use between my 2 small sofas. Sure makes a difference in that part of house.

    Need to go heat dinner. Thank goodness had fixed extra yesterday, then maybe a little computer time.

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    Oh, I am so happy you love it. Oh... and now you get to shop for those little things to make it even better! It took me ages to pick out the rugs I wanted. I bought Tracy Porter designed rugs (...20 years ago now) for the kitchen -- and I love them still

    I made enough parmesan encrusted chicken breasts for tonight's meal as well. Hubby said he'd have rice with it today -- that's all I have to make, but neither of us is hungry right now!

    Sheetrock went upstairs in farmhouse today ... hubby said it looked amazing. Then he came home to make sure I went to Urgent Care!


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      Coming right along on the farmhouse. Will be nice when they finish.

      Changing from dark blue carpet to the mixed browns, means need different now. But the curtains and rug from the livingroom, will work in a bedroom. So not a waste. Jo when we switched to 2 love seats instead of my huge couch, a few years back, got kinda dark sandy beige. The guys today even mentioned how well the flooring goes with that. The loveseats lots easier to move when cleaning, and works out well for us. But Pops has his oversize recliner. That's his fav spot for tv.


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        My son is pushing the farmhouse. Hubby asked him why today and he said he likes to have goals -- hubby would have pushed the sheet rock back a couple of day if he had the decision because they had to work LONG days for a week to get it ready and hubby would have not preferred to have to work those long days.

        Also my son wants to have it done so he can get started on the building he'll be putting over there on the other side of the property to store all his goodies, likely our motorhome, etc. AND of course rent out the farmhouse which is the goal. There have been good and bad things with it, but so far it's under budget which is a blessing if son can get it done with the money he allocated to the project.

        We have a busy summer coming up, so for his sake I hope he gets it done. Underneath the tiredness and all, I think hubby is enjoying this. He'll have a few days off now that... he has app't to get his teeth done tomorrow. They will pull up to 8 of them, and then fit him with dentures all in the same day. It's the way this place does it, hubby has been there before and they did good work. He's put this off because he didn't want to have those teeth pulled. Looks like now (few years) he needs to, and my son has been nagging him to do it while they work.


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          That's lots of teeth Jo, he might need to take a few days off working on the farmhouse. Will need a little time to recoup. But if needed should be glad to get over with. Summer for us, try to take a little slow.

          Try to help Kevin when the girls come down. But Pops and I enjoy that. Then with Lisa preg.,and will be getting bigger, help as much as can with Baby Mark.


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            Right and so I might not be around much for next few days, just depends.
            I also am going to make regular Dr. appt for myself once I know he is OK.


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              Originally posted by TOYSTORY View Post
              Right and so I might not be around much for next few days, just depends.
              I also am going to make regular Dr. appt for myself once I know he is OK.
              Can understand, we need to look our for our guys. Eating be limited for awhile. I can remember going over and staying with my Mom years ago when she had went to Florence, SC for his first dentures. Lots of teeth pulled. Ice packs to help swelling. She really didn't fell up to much a couple days.


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                Vera, your flooring and living room sound so nice! Makes it worth the inconvenience.
                Last week we picked out our flooring - Kitchen/living, hallway & bedrooms will have hardwoods - we went with a medium brown, can't remember if it's oak or hickory. Porcelain tiles in the bathrooms - ivory in guest bath, buff in master bath.

                Since we will have radiant floor heating I have been told no rugs - even area rugs - because then the rug will absorb the heat instead of it heating the air.

                Jo, they are really hustling on that farmhouse! I hope John's procedure goes smoothly - please give him our best wishes!