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    I think it's time for me to head to bed -- guess the time change has affected me!
    Tomorrow I need to see if they changed my primary care provider (I went online and changed it a week ago)... so I might get an appt.

    I am wheezing, and squeeking. I have had ear aches -- starting with a bad one 3 days ago that came on suddenly (right side) - and made me throw up the pain was so intense. Then yesterday the left side, and we tried cleaning out the ear (the pain was not as bad but definitely there-- and when we did that -- I became major dizzy and disoriented and lastly today the left side on and off. I am going to take some Musinex D and a tylenol and go to bed... but I think it's time I see a Dr. Likely, I have an ear infection, sinus infection or bronchitis again.

    So.. don't actually know how my day will go.
    Just wanted you to know it might be a busy day, or not tomorrow.
    Good night all.

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    Good luck with new doctor.


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      good luck feel better!


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        Darn... first no appt with "new" old Dr.... then off to urgent care for LONG wait. Then they have to test me to see if I have the flu.. for goodness sakes I do not have the flu -- but we've been fooled before they say, so they do it... then breathing treatment cause I am wheezing.. duh. AND in the end ... prednisone 50mg/5 days - which is a heavy dose. And a pill for cough, which I am not taking because it's been known to poke holes in your lungs and that is the LAST thing I personally need. She didn't ask me about it, just prescribed it ... and hubby uses them when he has bouts of bad coughing, so...I will pick them up.
        No health plan - Prednisone $3.34, on plan $1.43 - but the cough pills no plan $15, on plan $18.53.

        But as things were getting continually worse from yesterday -- I didn't actually get to sleep till after 2:30 and then up several times for short periods --- and then up this AM with pain in back on right side, hip, knee, foot... and 2 found small "holes" in my forehead (are you laughing???) Actually something might have bit me to make them -- looks like snake bite.

        Hubby calls and says he's coming home from farmhouse and making sure I go to Urgent Care...and he did. He also had a RX to pick up at Walmart for Lipitor (no insurance $9) after his blood test - Dr. had called him to say it was high and advise him to lose weight and exercise more. Well he lost 15 lbs. working with my son the last 4 weeks and he is coming home exhausted... how much more could he possibly do right now!

        AND now.. tomorrow I am likely gone again all day. He is having his teeth done. He called today, and then have him scheduled for tomorrow. He says he's doing it because he wants to be a good example which I can't figure out and because my son keeps nagging him every day while they are working. He will have up to 8 teeth extracted and then supposedly be fit for dentures that day. I am sure they'll be changes as time progress and his gums shrink, but they had all his paperwor, x rays and stuff from a few years ago, so they know what they are going to be doing to him ... and it's tomorrow morning. I will have to be with him likely all day -- they do stuff in the morning and then you go back in the afternoon. Usually it's like a ONE day denture thing -- and he's gone there before - but with extractions I didn't think it would be the same day, but baring any issues, the lady said it would be.

        Never a dull moment. never. Hoping that things (my internal organs) weren't too swollen and they respond to the prednisone.


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          Oh, hang in there, Jo! (Well, what choice do you have, right?)
          Prednisone is hard to handle but if it does the job, it's worth the sleeplessness etc.
          Hope to see you checking in Wednesday with good reports for both of you!


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            And hunger...never ending hunger. However the steriod is working. I am in a LOT less pain, am peeing and all the other stuff.. including breathing Ok again. Still have right side pain... but hoping that simmers down as well. Darn this pain thing. I mean when I think back the excruciating pain I was in ( with my back )when I went to the convention... I think I don't think I could ever do that again. Can't even image how I survived it. Glad I did.

            Hubby did well. He says "it's there" and had some tomato soup. Warm, not hot, and coffee same way.
            I am so really glad he had it done.. even with having to saw out two teeth and the 9 stitches under his denture, which he does have in and can't come out for a minimum of 24 hours.


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              I'm glad to hear you are both doing better


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                Thanks Terry. Hubby is now in less pain that he was before he went... that says he waited too long.
                Now in laws coming on Tuesday. UG.