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    I had leg cramps for YEARS - so darn painful. And unrelenting ...days and days without end. Like 2 giant toothaches in both legs.

    UNTIL, I got those sketchers that were tilted ... advertised to firm butts I think, but didn't (and had class action suit, years ago) I think they were called shape ups.
    Anyway after wearing those for a short time... the leg cramps stopped. I mean a miracle in my mind. Reason I tried them was a niece said they stopped her leg cramps.

    So I wore pair after pair -- till my lower back started killing me. I mean it was 6 + months (with no leg cramps!!) but then lower back started. So I went back to regular shoes... after about another 3 months, leg cramps came back. So for many years I alternated between the two types. Saving myself from both issues by just changing the shoes.

    Right now I have minor issues with leg cramps (don't have any shape ups any longer) and minor lower back pain regular sketchers.

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    Have you ever been evaluated to see if an orthotic show insert might help? Mt granddaughter has a pair because she has flat feet & would have foot & leg pain until she started using them regularly.
    She has a pair that she can switch to whatever shoe she's wearing.
    I'm not sure if you have to get the custom ones through a podiatrist & what insurance covers.


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      Well, our insurance doesn't cover feet, eyes, teeth --or prescriptions very well.
      It would be full pay for us-- won't even apply it to your deductible for any of that but the RX's.. they do add your copays there.

      In line in our house...before that:
      Roof - expected to be approx. $30,000.
      Hubbys Teeth ... expect $10,000 at least.

      Plus our one small bathroom (only has shower, no tub) --- water won't turn on at all. Can't even budge the handle at all -- and it was the one with the absolute best water pressure! Hubby is afraid that its going to break in the wall for some reason -- took off the top part and it leaked out a small amount of water, then nothing. I can imagine the mess downstairs if the water does leak into the walls! This is "something" I don't need right now, he said when I told him. He's been at the Farmhouse almost every single day working. He comes home exhausted and hungry. He is likely going to leave our issue for awhile because they are trying to get the farmhouse done and are on a time schedule for things. Tomorrow they are supposed to put the sheetrock in upstairs. Today I think they are working on the roof again. It's a metal roof but they have been sealing it or something???? I honestly don't know.