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    I know might seem odd, with my stack on ARC of books waiting to be read, but just finished up a book published in 2012. By Joann Ross Sea Glass Winter.
    Come across in my cleaning, so know I must have stuck back to read. Before entering all those book sweeps would trade paperbacks with friends. Well I had forgotten something to read and friend passed on to me.

    It's a Shelter Bay Novel. Very well written, and know lots of you might enjoy also. Dillon and Claire moved to Shelter Bay a quiet town. Dillon job in military had been full of danger, and he needed a change. Claire and son moved to help her son escape bad influnences at school where they lived. Loved the way the story line unfolded. You might enjoy, if come across a copy.

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    Well, that beats me finding some "rice mixes" in the back of my pantry which expired in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Tried one last week... and was not good. Certainly the book was a much better find


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      Jo, I kinda get upset with my own self, when find food like that. Some things get pushed back, and with even all the food we share, seem like once in while find can or two expired. Oh, well guess we all do that.


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        Yes, I used to get so much of one thing with the super double coupons -- when I had coupons and did run to those... that sometimes you eat it so much you get tired of it.. then there is another super double event and you can get 6 more free and you do. I've offered them to family --- and they still can come and get hair products (shampoo/conditioner, hair spray and stuff) which I got for free... and sometimes they do. My sister might call and say, I could use X, Y Z and if I have it, I box it up and send it.. but with food, it's a little harder -- esp. if it isn't your favorite item.

        So I went in the pantry today and cleaned out ONE cabinet -- out of 6. I may need to do one at a time