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Here comes the snow

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  • Here comes the snow

    It started raining this afternoon, then started freezing, and now the predicted 6" to 10" of snow has moved in.

    I managed to climb the snowbank and get my mail just before the snow was getting heavy, so now I won't worry about mail until Monday anyway.

    The TV weatherman said this is the extremely wet heavy snow type, and that shovelers should be extremely careful, and it will also clog snowblowers, both potentially causing injuries. Whew.

    Well, I have enough food and some extra canned goods, so I'm warm, comfy and well-fed, anyway.

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    Wow, it has been quite a year for you! Happy to hear you are warm and safe and have enough food.
    Wet ... heavy snow. YYCCH.

    We are just wet here. Everything from Friday is gone.. tomorrow it's just supposed to be rain again most of the day.


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      Hurry Hurry we need the spring. Sure glad to kids brought plenty food. Stay warm and safe Audrey.


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        Well, we had 5" to 6" here in my suburb. It's a beautiful white wonderland out there today, with bright sunshine, a bit windy, but going up to 30 degrees or so.

        The sun is already slowly causing some melting. So, I'm staying inside today, and probably tomorrow, unless I have to get my mail. USPS Informed Delivery lets me know if I have something important enough to struggle my way out there.


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          Thanks for checking in and letting us know your doing Ok. That still is a lot of snow on top of what's already there!!


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            My goodness I sure would have some adjusting to do if lived up there Audrey. At times my house will feel like smothering me, but when just a few days of bad weather. Lots of the pics of the snow is beautiful , but know when it all starts to melt could be a mess.


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              Huge snowbanks and snowpiles are everywhere. And now they're asking everyone to check storm drains and clear them, if possible, because RAIN is predicted this week.

              Now everyone is worried about flooding, and with so much snow blocking drainage everywhere, it's hard to even know where the storm drains are!

              I have two right near my lower driveway, and if I can manage to struggle out there, I will check them and do a little shoveling, or notify the city maintenance if they are seriously blocked by hard-packed snow piles.

              Whew, what a winter! And now rain is coming this week as temps go above freezing.


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                Yes it has been a strange winter here also-so much snow!
                Well today it will be 50 degrees!!!!!!!!!!! so excited-tired of the below zero temps and all of our snow and ice!. Finally let the outside cat go outside for a few days-he was so happy i saw him strutting down my driveway!


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                  The TV weatherman has predicted bad weather for us again, with rain moving in later today. On top of all the snow, major flooding is possible.

                  I notified City Maintenance about the 3 blocked storm drains in front of my property, and then sent 2 men out to look at it. They couldn't even find one of them to unblock it, because it literally is buried.

                  They unblocked one in the street, so when it gets a little warmer outside, I will go out to check on the 3rd one.

                  Since UPS and USPS both have deliveries scheduled for me today, I will have to do more shoveling. Dealing with all this piled up snow, coming rain on top of that, and threat of my property flooding, I won't be online much for the next couple of days, at least.

                  And since I can't seem to win anything anymore, and FedEx steals whatever someone sends, I'm thinking seriously of cutting way back on entering sweeps. Spending many hours every day entering, with only winning a book or so per month is too hard on my poor eyes. and tiring for me in my advanced senior years.

                  Ok, I'm through whining now. Have a nice winning day, everyone!


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                    Be careful Audrey when out. You sure don't need to fall in all that snow. Maybe April will be better for your area. I check each morning hoping you see more wins for you. Once in while my packages get delivered wrong, but seems most my neighbors must be honest. Will have one on porch early *before delivery time, so know that is what happened.


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                      Oh good's raining steadily now, and the TV weatherman told us: "We won't see the sun until next Monday."

                      So, it's going to be a rainy, sleety, gloomy, six days ahead of us.

                      I'm certainly not going out to get my mail today. And at 5pm, UPS has not delivered my book. I doubt whether he will try, it's so slippery and miserable out there.


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                        UPS delivered my Goodreads book The Last Collection! He really made me smile with his extra nice effort to bring it right to my house and put it between my 2 front doors!

                        I will enjoy reading the book tonight! I really wanted to win this one!


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                          Raining today, above freezing, the 2 storm drains in front of my property are still blocked. The City Maintenance guys did not locate them, only the one in the middle of the street. They said it will have to melt more before they can find them, and they will be watching for it. Hah.

                          So now, the storm drainage ditch is already filling with water. I plunged up to my knees going out to get my 2 days worth of mail tonight.

                          The driveway still has a thick sheet of ice on it, so I can't walk down it, or on the city sidewalk, also too icy. So, I am totally housebound again.

                          Since it will still be raining overnight, there will be more flooding out there. I will e-mail the City again tomorrow (Thurs). What a mess!


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                            That's terrible... Hope you can get some help!!


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                              I hope the city gets to your drains soon! You'd think there would be a map or chart of the locations...but I don't run a city, so what do I know LOL!

                              It will be in the 60s here today, 50s tomorrow - and back to the 30s & snow on Saturday when my grandson's troop is dropping off Scouting for Food bags - that figures.