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    Just trying to do a little of that today, since Monday will be tied down at home with the floor men. Then Tuesday, sure getting everything back where it belongs. late yesterday heard from 2 at the Assisted living that Pops takes to pick up their order at Walmart curbside. one said thought she knew enough now, could place the order, but just wanted to know when Pops could go today to pick up. The other emailed me her list and I filled out the order for her on computer. So got her pickup time same as the other lady. I rode with Pops when he took them today, that way we could help both get the stuff unloaded and put away. Two happy little ladies. Both had eggs of list (2 dozen each) 95 cents a dozen. But the guy said out that size, so each got 2 cartons of the 18 count for the same price One said share her extras with someone else. In the assisted living frigs very small. Also had cucumbers 2/$1 and a 3 pk of fresh tomatoes $1.50. They also like that can order the fresh bakery items. One had ordered just 3 doughnuts, and the other a couple of those big blue berry muffins.

    You know in assisted living these ladies have no way to store, but was depending on family to bring them things they needed. So not getting to do regular shopping. Each time Pops takes them to pickup, said makes them feel less helpless. Cabinets stays full, and eating better now.

    I was going to Sara Lee before going home, so Pops ask the ladies if they would also like to go with us. Don't do that often. But was a treat for them and lucked up. A day the store well stocked. So each got some snack cakes, loaf bread, and an Ent. Coffee Cake ($1.50).

    Didn't hang around after the grocery stuff today. But had took a few new books for them. Will go back in a few days and work on that part.

    Turned out nice weather today. Temps been rising.
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    Yes, I am not sure I will ever catch up... I have so many things on my list... I want to just throw everything in the closet and forget it.
    Working on all of that, enjoying MOST of it... just that there's always more than I want to HAVE TO deal with in a day.

    My mom had 6 kids -- I don't know how she did it. I can hardly keep up with 2 grown ones!!


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      Jo, Mom only had us 3 girls and some days I think she felt like you. But Jo, we each had chores. Beds had to be made before coming out for breakfast on school mornings. if wash day, sheets took off beds. Left for us to put back on when come in. Night dishes middle sister and I did each night and sure kitchen trash taken out. On weekends when outside work to do. We all helped. Never ask if want to help, just knew it was expected. Family close, but not lots of money. When got to maybe go once in awhile to Drive In *Maybe see Elvis Movie or something similar, was a treat. That didn't happen every week. We had many a family night fixing a purzzle (popcorn and koolaid for snack). Was encouraged to read books. In summer the bookmobile, stopped at the school just a couple doors from us. During school year, when Mom went into town for groceries on Saturday, some weeks would take us by the library there. So interest in reading early for me. Mom sewed lots of our clothes, so when she doing that, we might be folding clothes and putting away, ironing, or someother household chore.