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  • Comcast Did It again

    Seems they have now taken ISPN for our group we've been paying for. They do this often. Happens pretty often. They put over with another higher price group, thinking people will switch over to that. Not planning to, I think cable is way too expensive already.
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    My cable bill is terrible... but they put us in the "highest" internet category. Lets face it we use bandwidth. 6 people, each has a phone, computer, game systems, tablets, etc. Not everyone on at once, but we were warned for like 6 months we were exceeding their "unlimited" regular category for bandwidth, downloads, etc. I don't think we have any recourse -- we really were using the thing to it's fullest!

    Complained and took off everything I could a couple years ago (maybe 5-6 years ago)... cut my bill in 1/2 -- but it's back and MORE than it was then and we still have the lower amount of channels and such. It gets annoying because you really can't get any TV unless you have some sort of paid service. One time in a campground we were at.. there was ONE local channel we could get.. that was it! And I guess here, we might get 3 or 4 but that would be it. I don't think that would make anyone happy.


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      Jo we don't go into the high level and price is still horrible. No HBO, Showtime and stuff like that. Got the bundle deal with internet and phone service. We don't rent movies thru them. Have our own movies, check out some FREE at library, and trade off with friends. Lots of times will get with some seniors and share a movie night at center, or Pete and Mae will either come our house or we go to Mae's house for a movie.

      Remember those outside antennas on our roof. If real windy, might have to go out and move the antennas a little. Channels very local and some times the one in Columbia. No all night tv either. Maybe 1 talk show after the late night news. Life lots easier then.


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        Yes.. didn't they call the ones on the set... rabbit ears? Anyway I can remember adjusting them to try and get a good picture.
        We don't have premium channels either.. but we do have the group that includes HGTV, Science and History Channel. My son gave us an apple tv thing and pays for us to have Netflix each month. We watch series on that. Like to be able to watch 3 episodes in a row at night before bed. It's our thing to do lately.