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  • Our Special Day

    Our anniversary. Kinda an odd day then also. Middle of the day the sky turned black (total eclipse), so each year we think back on that. Pops went out awhile ago and come back with 2 red roses and said for his special lady. Had some very slim years to begin with, but you know we didn't start out like the kids do now. Most expect everything to begin with. We even had to save up a few months, to just get enough deposit to have a reg phone. But when in love, work together to make a marriage.

    Small wedding at my parents home. Minister there, and few family and friends, but still special.

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    Happy Anniversary to you and pops! May you always have the same forever love for one another!


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      Happy Anniversary!


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        Pops ask if like to go out to eat. But lately, limit what I eat. So told him just fix something simple at home. Baked (a small) strawberry cake with some of the berries saved back. Make lean hamburger like steak and cooked in slow cooker, with onions and brown gravy on them. Fixed enough to have for another meal also. fruit salad (apples, bananas and raisins). Homemade mashed potatoes. Pops had fresh tomatoes also with his. So not a fancy meal, but one Pops enjoyed.

        Been busy with the stuff for the church. After I got chicken cooked Pops helped get off bones, and we used one of my canning pots and cooked the rice with it. Made 2 of those aluminum pans. Did the mac/cheese with hot dog wheels that Lisa had brought. Keven dropped off box of stuff Walmart had donated: 3 loaves french bread, 2 boxes of day old mixed doughnuts, dozen cups of yogurt short dates.
        Rode with Pops when he went to take the stuff to Senior Center for the church to pickup. Few others had bought stuff, so know will help with the night feeding at the shelter. It was cold out then.

        Odd way to spend an anniversary, but doing something we both enjoy.


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          Happy Anniversary! Quite a memorable day for you two this year as well.


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            I am just glad you had the "day" you wanted. That's what's important.


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              Jo a quiet dinner at home lots better than going out. I'm not into fancy places to eat. But nice that Pops offered. Years ago decided no big gifts for anniversary.


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                We never do gifts with each other. Oh -- sometimes we call them that... like Florida for my birthday and such.. but we just use that "excuse" if it's near any special date.

                I know my mom did make us Birthday Cakes as kids.. but no writing on them, and never had a birthday party -- grew up poor. Don't remember presents (sad huh) but then never felt I needed one.
                It just wasn't a made a "big deal" as it is today with the younger parents.

                I gave my kids presents and I also did unusual things as well as parties (remember lots of Chuck E Cheese visits by their request)... etc.
                One year I gave one son his weight in pennies. One year I made a scavenger hunt for the birthday presents with clues, etc.
                13th birthday for both ...hubby took them into the museums in DC, just him and the birthday boy!

                My mother in law and my sister in law -- expect expensive presents every year for every occasion. I never got that.
                AND MIL asked for what she wanted and expected it from you. After we were married, she asked for and got a KILN (she was painting china and needed it) from my husband (that was expensive).
                Most years she told him and he got it... and I will tell you it was hard to see that "chunk" of money going for something she wanted when we really didn't have the money for it. We made do, we ate spaghetti and just sauce for weeks, or whatever to stretch what we had... but she got the expensive gift she wanted.

                She was and still is all about her -- she disliked me, and maybe she still does. She did some really rotten things to me over the years... but now hubby just says.. you know, that's my mother - that's how she is.
                If I think I had it bad, and some times I did ( my sister Ann knows)... I think as a child he had it really 1000% times worse than that... and gave in to a lot of what she wanted. He won't talk about his childhood, he has nightmares still (at 66) and will avoid them (his parents) every time he can. I am the nicest to her, and I treat her respectfully even after all the stuff she did. She likes to come here because I make things she likes and I try to do as she asks -- so there is no conflict. But a few times in our old house ... I had to take hubby to the other end and tell him to "get her out of my house". He then took them out for a ride, etc. in the car to ease the tension... mostly it was after she told me I was stupid, etc. for some reason. (I can almost remember one time when it was about money and how I regarded it... oh yes, I said it didn't matter to me if my house was worth 1000 or 100000 - it was my still my house and I would treat it as such and be happy to have one... and she said that was so stupid, how could I be so stupid, and on and on.... you know you don't have to agree with someone, but you also don't have to do that.

                Wow. where did all that come from... a present?
                My greatest present ever is my husband. Not many these days know and get to share that kind of love.
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