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Cold, windy & possum

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  • Cold, windy & possum

    Only 10 degrees today, with windchill below zero again. I'm slowly snowpushing my porch clear, plus shovel dragging out to my mailbox. I am SO ready for better weather and hopefully an early spring.

    I've been hearing bangs, booms, noises again, and "something" made a mess in front of my house trying to get either in or out, and around the gas connection again.

    I took my brightest flashlight, looked in the furnace area, and then underneath my kitchen sink where they installed things to keep all my pipes from freezing.

    Opened the cabinet and there sat the possum, bigger now, or maybe there's more than one. Anyway, I e-mailed my family members that I need to find a big cage-type trap or something. I do NOT want strangers coming into my house from expensive exterminating companies or city workers.

    I have to keep praying and hoping for a solution soon. This is downright creepy!
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    Yes, I was wondering about that possum - so now he/she is under your sink... whoa!
    That animal could be doing more than just hiding in a warm house, he could eat stuff you don't want him too, poop and pee, etc. This is not a good thing, esp. since you are pretty much snowed in.

    and... brrrr.

    It was 31 when I went out for a walk with the boys. Was ready to come in once we got back... we all were!!

    There is a predicted ice storm on it's way to us. Saying Monday and Tuesday.. or was it Sunday nite, and Monday nite.. affecting Monday and Tuesday. In any case I have no place I have to go and we have a generator -- but I still hope it's minor. I am supposed to babysit for 3 and 1 yr. old grandkids on Tuesday but the ice storm will determine if that's a go or not.

    Hubby is going to help son on the new property tomorrow again -- and I am going to have a peaceful day to myself!


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      Brrr, indeed. Weatherman just said another 6" to 10" will be arriving over the next 3 days or so, starting soon overnight again.

      The snow and cold this winter have kept me housebound, except for trudging out to get my mail. I know I shouldn't complain, as TV news keeps showing so many homeless Minnesotans struggling to find someplace warm to shelter in.

      And I'm a bit creeped out by that possum (or whatever it is). But it is so darned cute, pink nose, pretty eyes, light coat, and just sitting there looking at me like it likes me and the warmth. I hope someone in my family can get me a cage-type trap, and I hope no more critters will get in. Apparently, they're trying. Sheesh.


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        Well, with that amount of cold and snow... they are just trying to survive I guess. It's been a hard winter for everyone with the ice and snow and that POLAR Vortex thing!


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          Blizzard, whiteout. Too much snow. Not feeling too well; won't be on my computer much today. Hope you all will have a nice day.


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            Oh no - he (or she) is making himself at home!