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Celebrating Valentines a Little Early

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  • Celebrating Valentines a Little Early

    The Kids gonna deliever flowers again for Valentines. They made good on this and helps with their expenses. So the baby be with us then. But each year they really get left out themselves for Valentines. This year extra specail *Baby #2 on the way!!! So if all goes well a new addition for them late fall. I ask Lisa to let's fix a specia dinner for Pops and Mark Jr tonight. Really still eating light meals my self, but would like this to be a specia holiday for them. So got a fresh pork roast and will bake and make cornbread dressing. Lisa will be over to help with rest. Pops and I got got fresh strawberries from the Florida Guys at Market and will do a strawberry whipped cream cake. Got fresh Broc. to cook, tray of deviled eggs *one of Pops fav.

    Pops knows, but Mark Jr be surprised. Lisa told him she was helping me today, and to come over there when he gets off work. After dinner the baby will spend night with us. Give the kids a free night just for themselves.

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    First congrats on that new bundle of joy... no wonder there was so much talk about it last year.
    Sounds like a nice plan for the kids and pops too.

    I have chicken in the crock pot, in case hubby is hungry (likely he will be) after I pick him up later.... when I drop grandson home.

    My son closed on the property yesterday morning that I talked about before... and already they are over there with our new Holland, and sons equipment doing things like taking down some trees and clearing brush that kind of built up over the 10 years or so that the property has been empty. Interesting facts about the house on the land -- was built in 1884 with bricks from a local brick factory - only 5 house were built with these and they are somehow "historical"... there is an underground tunnel that used to go from the house to the barn. We don't know where the barn was... but we saw a brick wall that looked out of place in the basement. There are stairs under stairs going up to second floor ... so the original ones are there still. Might have just been an attic back then as the stairs are really tiny width wise. The seller talked about a pool that was olympic length, but only 8 ft. wide because someone who lived there trained in it for the olympics. There is an actual well, the kind you can fall into on the property... and the bathrooms were put in early 50's.

    My son is gutting the house. It will be a rental with him using the other section of the property for a barn/shed, etc. for some of our toys! It's about 6 total acres. Maybe the motor home, and some of the other things we have around. The house has sat unoccupied for 10 years (had renters before that) and has rotted floors, mold and other issues (likely lead paint, etc) so it's going back to the studs. The roof is metal and looks just fine, the deck only has one section that has to be repaired and we are tearing off an old porch and putting a new one on. The house has an original cabinet set from the sears catalog with a porcelain top. We will save that. Most of the other things are just in such a bad state that they will likely be torn out and replaced. We were told it has a well near the house (the other well isn't near the house) and great water pressure... also septic worked perfectly when last tenants left.

    This is the property that we walked mid January -- as he needed/wanted our opinion on the whole deal.
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      Jo, you guys were blessed they had property for sale that near you. Should be fun to redo.

      Our day turned out well. When Pops and I had went to flea market early to get veggies and strawberries, the tomato truck getting there. Got tthe berries, broc and some fruits for next week. He called Lisa before starting back to market and ask if baby could go on errands with him. Said give her time to clean her apartment a little before coming over to help me with dinner.

      They got beautiful tomatotoes, a bunch oi flowers for the dinner table for Lisa and also had the fresh baby carrots now. So now have carrots to put in our steamed broc.

      They stopped at the Sara Lee Bakery to check for Thomas Bagels1 a bag and Snack Cakes for lunches. lucked up on those. The back wall had a 2 tier shelf with boxes of Entam. (dozen doughnuts, butter loaf cakes, and several other items $2 each and dates good until 3/1. No need to use the coupons I had won, until a week they not on sale. So Pops got a dozen doughtnuts each and 1 of the loaf cakes. At register is a buggy of reg size snacks. If a child goes in they pick an item out. Baby Mark got him a small bag of those blueberry mini muffins. But after they rung up Pops sale,said not his Young Guy Discount Comes off since Sat. I told him the lady just picking at him *Senior Discount.So him and baby did some good shopping.

      He built a fire in the fireplace when got back, so nice and toasty for our dinner.

      Lisa got in around 3:30. I had baked the pork, dressing, and make homemade gravy to put on meat. Had baked the cake and left for her to ice. She finshed helping with rest of dinner and got the table all pretty. So everything ready when Mark Jr got there 5:00.

      Not a large dinner, but favs for everyone. The baby loves broc/carrots, Pops the deviled eggs, all loves the home made dressing and pork. And the strawberries first of crop out of Plant City, FL, so oh so yummy.

      Even enough when I packed up leftovers, sent some home with the kids for their dinner tomorrow. Enjoyed the fireplace for awhile, but they left to go home about 8:00. The baby here with us for tonight. I think him and Pops had a good time today. He is getting big enough to follow him around.

      Not had dinner together like that for awhile. When I was running fever, didn't need to pass germs to others. So didn't see our little guy much then. Just talk with him on phone. Baby had his bath and curled up with George near the fireplace. He'll be sleeping soon. Think Pops and I will just set awhile and let the fire die down. But a super day. Just tired.
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        Hubby coming home exhausted from helping my son who is more like the road runner... never stops and moves pretty fast!! They thought they could get 4 matching windows from habitat for humanity and went to 3 different ones looking. Then they went to several Home Depot's and Lowe's but no windows in stock that they could just pick up. They did get a door and wood for the new porch that is going on... and today they have some younger men who will be helping with things while they work on a few "must do first" projects -- one of which is fixing the floor by the front door as it is weak there and they are sure it's not safe. The porch guys (friends of my sons) are supposed to do the porch today too. Hubby LOVES this whole process, but my son says he can see he's dragging himself around.

        I have babysitting on Tues AM if there is no ice storm. She has a meeting at the school -- if there is school!

        Dinner was like a chicken cacciatore yesterday and it turned out good. We had it over spaghetti.

        I am going to either do hamburgers or meat loaf tonight. Or we can eat the leftovers. Took the ground beef out of the freezer yesterday and it can wait another day before I cook it... if need be.
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          Congratulations to your family!
          Your dinner sounds great - lots of running around though

          I have been going through old papers & recycling or shredding - emptying out an old filing cabinet, hope to sell it (cheap).

          I have a chicken roasting - will have stuffing potatoes and green beans.
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            I have about 20 filing cabinets at CCSS -- been "emptying" paperwork for years now (smile)... seems like I have about 3 totally empty.
            One contains all old parts to the duplicators -- and software -- that one might be last to go! Also have 2 full cabinets of customer floppy disk sets... those floppies can be reformated and used .... usually (after all the years they've been in there (25+ years a lot of them) who knows.

            We have one at home and it's a constant battle to keep it with enough room for the new stuff I need to put in. There is always something going in and out of it! Was thinking about bringing another one home, but then.... it likely would just get filled with books the first day --- smile!

            On the "rehab house" -- they found the well today without a well pump -- that's really really odd since it usually a lot to take out a pump. They also think they might have found the tunnel .... today they dug a 10ft. hole and burned lots of wood and sticks and stuff they cleaned up from around the house. AND they did finish the porch too -- put up a mailbox (or at least determined where they were going to put it) and hubby says the house looks 100% different and so much better already! I guess on the outside anyway!!!

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              Sounds like a fun project for the family. Know now excited just to see how much HISTORY you might uncover. Mayb some of those tunnels and stairs used to help some run away slaves?? Have been known to find things like that in some of the houses in our Downtown Battery Area. Jo, there is even one house down that was that still has a cannonball in the wall from the war. Pops and I like to go exploring downtown when have a little free time. And my nephew and his girl love downtown for exploring. She's in collage to teach school.
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                Yes, we did find one more story about the tunnel and someone who escaped from jail and lived in it for a few months before they found him.
                Today is raining and COLD -- 39 right now. Hubby opted out of helping today as he is redoing a clients website for him. Actually started on that last week but then helped with the house over the weekend.

                And the history is interesting for us.