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Today Turned Out Beautiful and Enjoyed the Day

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  • Today Turned Out Beautiful and Enjoyed the Day

    Did get to the 80's that our weathermen mentioned. So Pops and I cleaned the porches, but ask med after that to just take it easy rest of day. Said we could just enjoy the nice weather. Well we had left spaghetti sauce on while outside, so dinner easy to finish up. Even enough sauce left put a bowl of sauce to use another time. He ask me just before sunset if like to ride down by the lake to watch the sunset. Still several out since had been a nice day. Could tell lots had used for snacks and lunch today, so morning crew will have some to do tomorrow.

    Seems will have 1 more warm day, and then tomorrow night a big dip and possible rain on way. Notices some of the dogwood trees in the park is trying to get those little spots that will bring out the flowers, and too soon for that. They are beautiful when in bloom. Notice the gator still there. Was, hoping maybe the city would transport him to Charlestown Landing, where they do have spots for the,. Upcoming stuftf will be starting up in park soon. Got the Spring Concerts, Summer Outdoors Big Screen Movies for families, Fishing Rodeo for the little kids, Varies Food Tasting, and even have the 4th of July Fireworks on schedule again. Maybe after the mess some made in my area last fireworks day, city decided the old way was better?? Anyway, lets hope Mr Gator is moved before all those things happen.

    Back home, an maybe an early night. But sure been a beautiful day.
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    Glad you had a nice day!!