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9 degrees & snowing

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  • 9 degrees & snowing

    It's been snowing all day and will be continuing overnight as well. TV weatherman said we've had 3" already. There's so much older snow on the ground, topped with the freezing rainy ice when it warmed up to 38, and now more snow on top of all that...slippery, deep and dangerous.

    So, since USPS informed delivery says I had 2 pieces of junk mail yesterday, and another piece of junk mail today, I'm not even going to try to go out there.

    It's been a day of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, reading good books, a nap, and TV for me.

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    Yes... who needs to tread thru all of that for junk mail. I am sure you mailbox might be able to hold a week of junk mail.... mine could likely hold a few weeks (we put out a super large one!).

    We were 72 today and sunny. Do not know where that came from, but enjoyed it to the max! Hubby says it might snow here on Friday! The up and downs on the temperatures are really something this year.


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      Sounds like a perfect day - indoors, at least!


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        Well, TV weatherman says "round 2" of snow will be arriving about 6 pm tonight. With 2 days of mail already out there, I amped up with coffee, snowpushed my porch pretty clear, and slogged out there first thing this (Wed) morning.

        It's a deep mess. But somebody unknown from the road side brushed the snow off my mailbox, put up my flag, and I climbed the snowbank and got my Monday and Tuesday's mail. My next door neighbor's mailbox still has a lot of snow piled up on it, so whomever my good samaritan was, I'm thankful.

        Now USPS informed mail says I have some pretty important mail for today, so I will somehow get out there tonight, after dark delivery again I suppose. Yikes.


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          It's pouring down rain here... and my UPS packages have not yet arrived. Hope you will be able to get to your mail.


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            We had about 1/4" of ice - caused some fender benders & some scattered power outages. It warmed up & melted.
            About 90 miles to the west in the Buffalo area they had closer to 1/2" of ice which brought down tree limbs & power lines.

            Tomorrow night we have a high wind watch, gusts up to 60 mph.
            Mother Nature is messing with us


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              Mail truck delivered at 6:15 pm in the dark, but I was sitting on my couch watching for it. So, with the snow still so white & bright after dark, I took my trusty light weight shovel & plodded out to get my mail. With another 4 to 6 inches of snow on the way, plus colder temps again, I may not be able to go out to get my mail for some time.

              The street salting/sanding trucks were out there back & forth all day. But when the sidewalk plow finally came through, it got most of the snow off, but left the sidewalk a solid sheet of ice...a slippery glassy "icewalk."

              Mother Nature is indeed messing with us.
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                This is some winter. Like Jo, we broke our record temps. 77 my high *sure not temps for Feb, but not complain. By Friday drop 30 degrees for our high!!


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                  "Thunder snow" is what the TV weatherman says we're having. He said if you hear booms throughout this latest 4 to 6 inches of snow, that really is thunder. Well, this morning I am snowbound. I doubt I could even get my front door open.

                  But I dearly love my cozy "southwestern ranch style" home here in MN, and being retired, I don't have to go anywhere. My daughter stocked my freezer and cupboards with lots of groceries Sunday, so I'm contented and really praying for an early Spring this year!


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                    Wow Audrey, that is a nice mess you have there!!! Good thing all is well on the inside! Stay warm -- any news from our "animal" friend? I know you aren't going to check -- but hubby said if he/she got in, likely they also know the way back out. Not that it would want to go in this weather!