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  • Super Bowl Many Watching

    I've never been much into football, but guess could say do support The Patriots, but not for reason most. Before they were doing well, but Adrian *a teen guy that sold
    at flea by us backed them 100%. Lots of weeks got picked at about this. Well, as we all see now, with a few fans like Adrian, his team worked harder and harder. Seems to have paid off for them. Now they have "tons of fans"

    I know Adrian away from home now. Him, wife and kids in military now. But sure they are proudly watching "his team" Just know that Ms Vera is wishing your guys the best!!! Enjoy your game Adrian. I don't bet, but sure wishing them luck.

    Just Pops and I home tonight, so watch at least 1st half and snack. Thinking of you guys and GOOD LUCK!!

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    We didn't watch. I had to look up who won this morning. I didn't think it would be such a low scoring game. I actually predicted way higher on both sides.


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      I watched, I am a NFL nut... had some company and some snacks as we always do for the Super Bowl. I was waiting for the season to end so we can explore cutting cable, but that decision is still under review..


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        One of my friends in my sweepstakes club won a catered party from Pepsi, so she invited a small group over. Lots of food & Pepsi products. We had the game on & entered Super Bowl related contests. There was one Patriots fan, and the rest of us were rooting for the underdog Rams.


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          [QUOTE=TOYSTORY;n25225]We didn't watch. I had to look up who won this morning. I didn't think it would be such a low scoring game. I actually predicted way higher on both sides.
          [/ contest, sQUOTE]

          Just Pops and I last night. So just it with him. Had ixed eats for halftime, and figured I might lay down then. But so quiet and Pops went to sleep in his chair. So left tv on and continued with my sweepsKnew drainage be bad when lay down. So entered the most sweeps in long time. Thank goodness should be last day for meds. Makes food tast horrible. I've lost over 15 lb in2 weeks. Didn't need to do that. But when meds and that yucky tate gone, maybe back to normal eating soon.


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            I could stand to lose 15 lbs. but I DO NOT want to be sick to do it. Glad you may be finally recovering. Takes a little longer sometimes when we get older. Glad you got to enter some sweeps. Hubby and I watched an "english" show. I say that because most nights we are reading subtitles.

            I decided to dose myself with vitamin C, drink as much water, etc. as I could, and take the antihistamines (took histamine 1 and 2 blockers) and tylenol. Since I have now had 2 full ONE day illnesses (days apart) involving congestion, sinus pain and like a head cold... I am thinking my issue could be allergies. The good news is whatever makes me miserable for about 24 hours... has not gone to my chest and lungs.

            Tomorrow is an office day. Gotta get in there and take care of the couple bills that come on the first of the month and also the checks that need to be deposited.