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  • Heading Out

    We are going to leave to babysit the grands in a few minutes. Wanted everyone to know I likely won't be on again till tomorrow... depending on when the kids get home (of course).

    Heat comes on in the house at 4PM -- won't be here to know (otherwise it's 62 in here all day long). My toes feeling it today. I have 2 prs. of socks and my shoes on!

    Got up late, didn't get 1/2 the things I wanted to do done today. Thankful I got a lot of paperwork done yesterday.

    Rockstar says that my Polaris RZR doesn't have any idea of a delivery date yet. So we'll see about that. I mean we won it in August 6th. -- Feb 6th will be 6 months!!
    When on the trip .. they asked and the guy there from Polaris said that it was ordered. I think not. I mean if I bought one I think I'd have it by now. Whatever I guess we wait some more.

    Gotta empty the crock pot, got some food cooking... and then get going.

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    Have fun babysitting!

    I stayed inside again all day because of the cold. but will head out tomorrow to the library & Wegmans because it will be milder, and we need stuff!


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      Tired us out. Usually does -- heck anymore I just see a kid and I'm tired (smile).
      Brought our dinner, which I made in crockpot yesterday ... glad I did -- she wasn't prepared to feed us anything.

      Hubby went to office. It's snowing out again. They said dusting to 1" but it's already an inch. He took the 4 wheel drive, so he should be fine. I will need to go to the office anyway next week as there will be first of the month invoices (phone, electric, etc), and hopefully a few checks to deposit.

      Kids are home, I hear them downstairs. They must be playing video games as I hear them screeming/cheering and such on and off.
      Chilly....inside. I might turn the heat up past 62 -- guess I'll try my sweatshirt first.