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  • Dangerously cold

    -8 below zero this morning, with temps dropping ALL day to -20 below zero with a windchill of -44 below zero. Schools closing, people advised to stay home, don't even try to drive to the store or anywhere if you can avoid it and stay home.

    And the TV weatherman says it's going to be this way for the rest of the week. We are in southern MN, and up in northern MN it's even worse. Record breaking cold, state of emergency declared for MN.

    Omg, I'm 80 years old this year, and I've never seen anything like this. Stay warm and safe, everyone!

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    The severe cold will be here Wednesday through Thursday, maybe beyond that. Our winds chills will be in the -20s, which is about the temp schools decide to close - I expect schools to be closed Thursday.

    I will have to bundle up to carry the dog to his 'spot' to do his business because he won't go outside voluntarily.


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      Sending warm wishes to all of you. Stay safe...that is dangerous weather. I can't even imagine how tough it is to deal with your pets in this weather. As for us, we'll be in 70's today!


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        Well, I spent some time searching around my house and found my several pairs of really heavy gloves... and my one and only heavy scarf with the plush trim. Now I can wrap it around my face when I plod out there at 5:30 - 6pm to get my mail.

        At least the sun is shining brightly this morning, for awhile anyway.


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          I cannot imagine that level of cold. I know it's dangerous out there -- so be careful and stay safe.

          Judy, on the other hand --- I also can't imagine the heat you guys have during the year -- altho right now 70's is perfect weather to me.

          We are going to be cold but not that cold. They are predicting snow later today. Right now it's not so bad, an overcast 34.
          Went out yesterday to the stores to get "fill in" products and sales. Sales I wanted: Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream 6 cartons/$10 and my diet coke 4 - 12 packs/$12.
          Fill in ~ is when I look in the cabinets and freezer, decide what I need to make some meals -- and pick those things up.


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            My favorite weatherman posted this: Please don’t confuse the ridiculous cold in the upper mid west with OUR weather. #roc won’t set any records. We had similar cold just last week.

            So, we'll be cold but many areas (like Audrey's) will be much colder.


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              We now have sort of icy mix falling, schools are getting out 2 hour early, but we will not have the same cold as Audrey.


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                Both of you stay safe. Those roads can be dangerous. Said maybe 29 for tonight,


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                  Well now this afternoon, it's getting dark, gloomy, temps dropping, and very windy. The snow is blowing, drifting hard.

                  USPS informed delivery shows I have 1 piece of mail today (junk), so I've decided I will not even try to plod out there.

                  UPS is supposed to deliver a book today, but I don't think he could get to my house now through all the snowdrifts, howling wind, etc.

                  At my age, I will just "hibernate" until the weather gets better.


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                    The precipitation "left a layer of Ice pellets" I could see on the grassy parts and now it's snowing like crazy out there.

                    By snowing like crazy I mean it's covering things fast .. although we are only supposed to have 1-3" and it's pretty much right at the freezing mark here... so roads which I can still see are not getting covered as fast as my car and the grassy parts. They said it would snow from about 2-7PM -- well it's doing that!

                    **update... was gone from computer about 10 minutes.... and it's now covering the road.

                    My son is at work, but everyone else is here at home -- maybe they will let them go early????


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                      Rochester NY City Schools will be closed tomorrow, and I think they will probably be closed Thursday as well. Smart move, there are so many students who walk to school in the city, it would be dangerous for them to be outside for that length of time.


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                        TV weatherman just said it is -27, with a windchill of -51 below zero. He says it won't get above zero until Friday.

                        Schools closed, gov't offices closed, libraries closed, and some parts of MN no postal mail delivery. Now they're saying areas are having power outages. Just plain dangerous.


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                          Time for you to read & drink tea or hot cocoa, Audrey. A few school districts here closed today, I expect more will be closed tomorrow. I could use a few things at the grocery store but I think I will just make do with what we have on hand.


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                            Wow. And then power outages on top of that frigid cold. That's downright scary.
                            We aren't going anywhere and we are only 18 degrees (and there is a wind on and off that looks brutal).

                            Today is my father in laws birthday -- the in-laws went to Florida last week -- smart move as NJ is supposed to be cold too --- today he is 87 years old!

                            Stay warm and toasty Audrey.


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                              We're still in the deep freeze here in MN, but it will get up to -3 below zero by this afternoon, with a light dusting of snow. Then Friday it will start getting warmer, and by Sunday a lovely 35 ABOVE zero!

                              USPS suspended mail delivery yesterday (Wed), but today will deliver. A book is scheduled to be delivered to my rural-type mailbox today, so I must get out there somehow.

                              And UPS has a book scheduled to be delivered today, also. I hope he comes early enough so I can trudge out there in his deep footsteps!

                              At least the wind has died down to almost nothing, the weatherman says, so that's better today anyway.


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                                We all made it through the worst of the deep freeze, it sounds like - although I have a friend in MI I have been unable to reach for a couple days & am concerned about.

                                The sun is actually shining here, and I have heard we should be in the 50s on Monday! I still plan on staying inside today, except when the dog needs to go out - and he is getting his business done in record time these days!


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                                  It was 8 degrees here, but has gone up a few with the sunshine. Roads look fine from my perspective (only what I can see from my window!
                                  We are babysitting tonight so the kids can go to a birthday party for a friend at Olive Garden. They didn't want to have to take 3 little ones along. Don't blame them.

                                  Jenna took off 2 days cause she didn't feel well and yesterday she sounded "terrible" says it's all in her sinuses.

                                  Today she came up to ask me a tax question, but I was still asleep. Guess she's trying to get those done while she is home. I got all my CCSS paper work done yesterday from here. We'll have to go into the office sometime next week as there are things you just can't do from here -- but it's been nice staying in during the freeze.