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  • Snowed in

    It's a white wonderland out there. UPS has informed me that I have a 2.30 lb package scheduled for today (Mon), and a 1lb package scheduled for tomorrow.

    No idea what the first one may be, as I don't recognize the sender, and nobody sent me a "winning" e-mail.

    The second one (also no e-mail) is from Simon & Schuster, so it's probably a book.

    I am snowed in, but will try to do a little "snow pushing" later. At my senior age, no more snow shoveling/lifting for me. I'm hoping the city sidewalk plow will come through, but they usually take a day or two to get to us.

    Ah well, I'm looking forward to the UPS deliveries, whenever they can get up to my house.

    Have a nice day, everyone!

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    Who is the first package from, maybe we can help identify it?
    I have 2 packages coming today. Both books I believe. One is Macmillan and the other is Random House.


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      Stay safe & warm! I don't think we have snow in our forecast, but we do have bitter cold temps again, and expected to stay for a while.

      I have a package coming from Random House today as well.


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        Love that we all have deliveries today!!!
        Tomorrow I was supposed to out with Catherine for pedicure...but it's supposed to snow... and it's cold cold cold here too.


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          Now the sun is shining so brightly it is blinding. I'm still snowed in, but at least snow pushed my porch clear before my nose and fingers turned numb. The TV weatherman said frostbite can occur in 10 minutes, and I surely believe it. My gloves didn't keep my fingers warm, and although I was dressed in my heaviest coat with the hood, I don't have any type of face mask/scarf.

          I feel sorry for postal workers today.

          But at least I'm keeping my sense of humor about whatever that critter is in my furnace area. I won't open that door again until someone is right there with me!