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  • Sheesh

    Some of you may remember several years ago I was posting on the previous RHSS site about a problem I was having with a groundhog, woodchuck, getting under my house. It made itself (or themselves) at home, actually seemed quite tame, seemed to like me (and my house), and I was finally able to shoo them away when they came out of hibernation in the spring.

    I put a rock, extra dirt, etc. around the gas connection area where they were getting in. They eventually went into the woods, and I never saw them again.

    Well, tonight I opened the door to my furnace, water heater, closet-type area and came face-to-face with a woodchuck. How it got up inside my house, I do not know. It just sat there looking at me. After closing the door, I went back later, and there it was again, just sitting there looking at me. The darned critter seemed quite young, cute and calm. Sheesh.

    So now I have a dilemma. How do I get it out of my house? I don't want to kill it or hurt it. But I surely do not want it to get out of that closet and into my living area, if it hasn't already done so.

    The funny thing is, one early morning I was sitting at my computer having my morning coffee, when I thought I saw what I thought was a "ghost" of one of my elderly cats, now gone several years ago.

    I was still very sleepy, and thought I was actually half-dreaming that I saw a critter running out of my living room, behind a chair, and disappearing. Now I'm not so sure. Anyway, I'm feeling "creeped out" and for the first time in years, nervous about being alone in my own home!

    I e-mailed my family about the problem. Maybe they will have some ideas on how to get the critter to leave. But they don't live very close by, and tomorrow will be a terribly snowy drive to their jobs. The entire Midwest is getting blizzard conditions, the TV weatherman is saying.

    We are having a bad below zero "deep freeze" and getting 5-10" of snow.
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    i would get a live trap-put some food in it and cover cage with a blanket. Then you can release the animal far away from your house. If it is very young you might take it to an animal sanctuary or see if they can come out and get the animal.There are companies that u pay for them to come out and get the wild animals-just make it clear that you want the animal released and not hurt. Good Luck!


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      Audrey, I am not exactly sure where you are located, but I "think" this firm operates in your area and they are experienced in humane woodchuck removal. Just make sure you ask them if there are fees involved and how much they are... it may not be cheap. Good, luck. They may be cute but woodchucks can be dirty and even diseased, so stay away. https://www.stoneriverwildlifecontro...dchuck-removal


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        This is terrible. Do you have animal control in your area run by the city/town/county? You need that animal out of your house. I don't know what they eat, but I am sure they could eat some stuff that you would NOT be happy to see them do.

        Let us know.


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          Good advice from others - our town animal control will lend a have-a-heart trap - they even delivered it & set it up, and said they would come back if/when it was caught.
          Also a woodchuck, living in the neighbors yard but digging under the fence and coming in my yard. The darn thing was bigger than our dog!

          So check with your town first to see what 'free' resources may be available.


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            Good advice! Since I'm snowed in, hard of hearing & have no phone (just my computer/internet) I am waiting & pondering what to do.

            It is a woodchuck, groundhog, opossum, whatever. I online researched them all, and whatever it is, it is probably what they call a "juvenile" critter, not fully grown yet.

            Late last night I vacuumed my entire house, hoping the noise would drive it out. Wishful thinking, I suppose. I haven't heard back from my middle-aged "kids" yet, but maybe one of them could somehow get a "have a heart" trap for me.

            Thanks, Brad, but that company is way up north in MN, and my home is a south suburb of Minneapolis.

            Maybe I should write a book and call it "Possum Tales."


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              so go on internet and look up some critter removal companies and tell them the problem and say you have no phone. They can set up appointments that way. Also some animal clinics will loan a trap to you-mine does it for a $10 fee and then you get $ back when you return it. Wow why dont u have a phone? I have to have one in case of emergencies.


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                heres a bunch on google