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  • Looks like Home Alone

    Pops got a call from his friend with house at Edisto. He wanted him to go up and check his place out. Looks like our cold weather coming back tonight. Said should be 30 when get up in the morning. Not sure how many days like that. He told me to just stay home and rest and he would get his friend Pete to ride up with him. Most likely stay overnight and come back tomorrow.

    Looks like the rain might not make it down for us, just scattered showers not the heavy stuff. Maybe get a little reading done.

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    I am achy from my 5.9 acre trek thru the woods... Bending and watching you footing, stepping over trees and limbs, ducking thru branches. I took some medicine - hoping I can move around more later and it doesn't get worse ... since it was only yesterday I did this - surprised it hurts today. Usually it takes 2 days before it hits me. When doing it, we went slow and easy, no rush or anything and I actually enjoyed the trek... not so much today!

    Rained a lot last night, and it was WINDY last night, it howled thru the trees. Overcast again today and 46 right now.


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      The wind has picke up here, and can tell the temps re dropping. Sorrry your little walk through the woods hurts so bad. But they are fun.


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        Again hubby says it feels like snow. It's overcase and the wind is "gusty"... not continuous. Temperature down a little to 44.