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Took a little us time today

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  • Took a little us time today

    Went to flea market for produce. But had also packed us a few snack things in cooler. Pops said we going out for a little while. One of our fav spots to just sit and relax. Down by the Old Santee Trail Race Cancel, find us a spot in the sunshine and park. A little breeze so just sit in the sunshine in car *warm like that.Just time away from home and talk and relax. Few boats out. Mostly fishing this time of year. In the summer can watch them watersking.

    Probably would of stayed longer, but a rough looking bunch park up beside us, and started pulling out stuff for a cookout *fine with that, but not some of their lalk. So just come on back home. Go another day.

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    Glad you were able to get out in the sunshine!
    Time flies by, you need to take those special times when you can!


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      Jo we were hoping to view the su.nset, so pretty over the river. But the bunch of rowdy ones spoiled that


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        Well, make a date to go back and try it again!! Likey the rowdys won't be there!


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          That sounds so relaxing, too bad it was cut short. I hope you get to see that sunset soon.