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Thanks for My Helpers!!! Now Some Computer Time

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  • Thanks for My Helpers!!! Now Some Computer Time

    Took lots or organizing, but all worked together. Last night Lisa and I combined a list of things we will need to take out of town or need now. Placed order with Walmart Pick up and work other stuff around those. Pops got the truck warmed and baby a bag with juice and snacks, and they just left. Temps pretty good right now,

    Will start and drop off plate of sandwiches at the Senior Center. Need in case some in and needs food while there *cold outside. Also took bag with sugar, can of coffee, and 2 dozen eggs to be passed on to the warming center. The center also collecting kids shoes, clothes in good condition to pass out before Christmas. So Lisa sent a bag of jeans and shirts the baby out grew and 2 pair of shoes. Mae told Pops to just call when got there and she send someone out to get stuff . Firemen helping family had a burnout. Lia had went by after work and took cards for the board of itmes needed and we got together last night. So Pops has them to deliver: rice, 2 jars applesauce, gallon bleach, laundry det., pkg of baby wipes, bottle apple juice. They have found out, if put no tes out family gets more needs provided

    Then on to Credit Union *drive thru. Don't mail checks this time of year. Make our payment and also a deposit to Mark Jr Checking Account.

    On to Dry Cleaners to pick up order for Lisa *drive thru again. Last stop Pops has order at the Salvage Store for a small upcoming job: screen wire, paint, nails, and boards. The guy told him to pull under shed in back and they will deliver for him.

    Told me him and baby my helpers for today, so take that time for my computer work. So off now to work on the Good Reads Post *ahead Jo. Then she how much else can get posted.

    Tonight be rough. No rain right now.
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    I finally fell asleep at 5:30 am. Almost up 24 hours. Slept till 7:30 and then went back to sleep till10. Had to make the antipasto for the party tomorrow...and JUST found out we will be parking FAR from the party and have to walk because it's at an apt. complex in their multi use room (which club had to rent to have the party there)... What a pain. I would have had it here, I have a HUGE house, large circular drive,etc, but most of the people are from that area in MD... and it's like 1 -1/2 hr drive for us to even get there usually.

    No word from Dr. -- I emailed her with info last night and just told her I wasn't taking another one of the pills -- and I'd see her next week. I am however feeling much less chest pressure and breathing issues today.

    Made the antipasto -- now trying to figure out how to get there and park for tomorrow. I am also doing laundry and trying to get the gift packaged for the stealing elves.


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      So glad you finally got some sleep. Anytime if know you being out of town try to at least post the goodreads a little ahead. Jo count you as a special friend. You have helped me lots also. Hope you can enjoy your trip.


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        Ah Vera...thanks -- you too are a very special friend to me.
        Doing breathing treatment as I type!

        Hubby found "plan" for our trip tomorrow and also just left to get car filled with gasoline so we'll have no worries there. I have to find some other "trinkets" to put in with the gift. I have a good idea because last year one of my additions was a throw and the ladies loved it. I believe I have one left from when Kohl's had them on sale last year for $4.99 (reg. 59.99) ... bought them knowing I'd likely use them for gifts. Both of us love a bargain, don't we!!

        The toys are coming in -- I think there is one more left in the group I haven't received. But the three that did come are super duper nice...

        Bushnell replied to my email that they have lifetime guarantee if bought after 1984 and if my binoculars case is sticky -- it's defective and they will repair or replace for free. YAY.
        Our radon fan broke after less than a month, Amazon says I can send it back -- so I we ordered a new one and have to do the switch out. We bought a more expensive one, hoping it's made better and will last. They are supposed to last --- but alas, there is always one rotten apple in the bunch..... and lots of time we get that one (smile). Thankful we have the ability to fix all of it ourselves.

        Did you tell the kids about Myrtle beach? Is that where you talked of going "out of town"?


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          Yes, they excited. In the past try to 1get pretty nice item. Last year had just moved 2 bedroom apartment ,so caught the iron outdoor porch furniture at super sale. Got that Told them this year, doing the trip together instead. Will be smaller presents at Christmas *got over the year or won. But all excited Lisa and I worked on part of the menus last night, so why able to place the Walmart Order. Will be away the week before Christmas. But close enough and still have Christmas Dinner at home.


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            My helpers back. Pops stopped and got baby nuggets at Wendy's, so a little to tide him over until dinner later. But did get lots done, and I had my computer time.
            Break now, maybe have a little more time late night.


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              I really love going away with my kids and grands -- that's part of the reason we bought the motor home together... it's tiring - but so much fun overall. They are all adorable -- and so sweet 99% of the time. And the thing is you know that when you are with them there isn't any more love you want or need in this world.


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                Jo they won't stay little long, and with the kids wanting another baby so bad, know will be changes. It will be a special time for all of us. Pops enjoyed the little guy so much today. They were both worn out when got back. Said he did real good. Just took him out truck 1 time at Wendy's for a bathroom break, and got him snack then. But tomorrow suppose to be rainy and cold, so mostly inside. He's big enough now can follow Pops around.


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                  I find I love all the ages for one reason or another!!
                  Am not tired... wondering if it's the pills or treatment. I guess I shouldn't complain about that.
                  Got almost all the stuff needed for tomorrow... and I am going to sleep on the couch cause I do not want to wake hubby -- and my pillow/blanket is still out there since last night. When he falls asleep he CAN stay asleep for hours... and I think needs that rest. I only sleep about 1-2 hours at a time, then up and then back for 1-2 more then up, etc. Last week I actually slept for 3 1/2 hrs in a row...was so good wanted to get up and stay up all day.

                  Will be gone all day tomorrow... likely not home till after 6pM if we don't stop for dinner on way home. Usually hubby likes to take me to Dennys because I like their skillet meal and we get 15% aarp discount!


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                    Enjoy yourself Jo, Denny's is nice. Will go there sometimes when at the beach.


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                      I'm going to try and sleep. BIG day to get all ready (remember everything) --- then got to travel, pickup stuff enroute -- and find the place!!