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  • Dr. Visit Update

    First let me say I am going to be sad to leave Kaiser and this Dr. come 12/31/18.
    She walked into the room and said "my heart hurts everytime I see you because I know you cannot breathe" --- "we have to find out what is doing this to you". I teared up because I knew she cared and was at all times trying to help me --- just none of it has gotten there.

    I got breathing treatment, and then a Steriod shot and then I went to Xray to make sure it's not pneumonia. (I did get the pneumonia shot earlier this year).
    I have steriods to take by mouth, additional blood pressure pills and antibiotics. I asked for and she gave me refills on all my nebulizer supplies as well as my blood pressure meds that weren't due to be refilled till Jan 13. And I got another rescue inhaler. I asked did she want me back in there -- and she said, Monday or Tuesday, come in so I can check I will.

    She said my lungs were way too tight...and I should come in sooner, but you know until it gets bad -- I have been coughing since last November -- how does one tell till it tips the scale or till you get up the green stuff after coughing violently and losing all your air. It's the way I know I have to go.

    Anyway... a zillion pills and nebulizer treatments 3 times a day.

    Had to go to 4 stores to get all the stuff I needed. Cannot believe it, hubby sat in car and let me go in and get the stuff. One store out of this, one store none of that. UG... It was frustrating as heck.
    Home now. Going to turn on nebulizer and enter some.
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    Always hard to switch doctors Jo. Hope you end up with a good one. Now how, try to go a little slower. Looks like both you and I will have a rough weekend. Just put a batch of peanut brittle in micro wave *Lisa take tomorrow to daycare. Also got a try of mini sandwiches to make. Then try to get back to more contest entries.


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      Tomorrow I will put together the stuff for the party on Sat... unless X ray shows I have pneumonia in which case I am not sure what I will do.
      One day at a time!!!


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        Ok, well -- hubby went to bed. I need to clean out my emails so I don't miss a win.
        Been getting those toys I won and the grands are going to LOVE them!! And they are expensive ones... so nice~~

        Then I need to go to bed too. Might check site to see if my xray results are up, but thinking Dr. might want to talk to me ... if it is pneumonia!