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  • Rain early

    I just heard some. But thank goodness in low 40's right now. Was hoping the rain would hold off until the kids off work and settled here. Said a rainy mix tonight and freeze. They suppose to be staying with us. Apartment is warm *if lights stays on. But those metal steps not the best in bad weather, they stay on 2nd floor. Lisa should be here around 4:30 and Mark Jr around 6:00. We do have the fireplace for back up heat if needed.

    Pops and baby been playing with the train that has a track under the Christmas Tree. Looks like I have 2 kids this .mornning.

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    Ah that's a cute vision..the two playing with the train. HOPE it's not a bad storm. Feels like Snow outside, but its too warm right now. No telling what will happen overnight.