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Ouch!!! 25 When Got Up

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  • Ouch!!! 25 When Got Up

    Pops had left the wood in fireplace to start a fire, said possible winter mix today. Know if the lights goes off will need it for back up heat, so I went ahead and got it started. Put a big pot of sausage gravy on also. I knew Mae and 2 of the other ladies, stayed over at the senior center last night to cook some for the church that has a warming center helps to supply food for. With these temps the warming shelters should be open all day. So called to check on them. Said two guys had just picked up some things for breakfast for them. The ladies had baked 6 long trays of biscuits and sent 4 crock pots of sausage gravy to help with breakfast. Said would be putting on a couple canners of veggie soup they will pick up for dinner tonight.

    The baby here with Pops and I. When Lisa come over last night, Pops ask he to let him stay. Didn't want her to need to take him out in the bitter cold early.

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    Warmed up a little above freezing, but baby still got his warm pj's on. Will be inside today. The ones at the bus stops this morning sure had a cold time. Thank goodness guys has no wood to take to anyone this morning.


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      I am on my way out to Dr. in a few minutes. After that I need to pick up stuff for the sweeper party on Saturday. All so far is still a go for that.
      Thinking I will get antibiotics again -- and going to ask for my meds all to be able to be refilled. So I don't have to rush to do that when I get new plan Jan 1. We'll see how that goes...since of course I like this Dr. and she's seen me a lot this year... I hate to have to change, but it's like $350 extra per month, higher copays, deductible and all of that. It's just too much of an increase. As it is right now I had to go up about $60 a month for the one I did chose. My son had issues too .. his was going up a lot as well -- so he changed to a platimum plan for just $11 more a month -- better benefits and all of that.

      We complained what it cost 4 or 5 years ago when things changed but now it's crazy. Health Insurance for me is $1400 + a month. Who can afford that? Happy I qualify for supplement, but seriously isn't that a little "out of control" -- that's like 17K a year -- just for me!!! -- and I still have copays and deductibles. This year out of pocket max is like $7000. ~ last year it was $2400 and thankfully I didn't get there!

      See you all later -- keep entering!!