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Pops Going to School With Me *Volunteer

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  • Pops Going to School With Me *Volunteer

    I had really enjoyed my volunteer work at the school *mostly with library stuff. But had quit it, when didn't feel safe. Located in a high crime area. But last night Pops said if I would like some goodies for the teachers room and work a few hours in the library he would go with me this morning. He knew how special that was for me, so tears started to come. Give him a big hug and said one of the best gifts he could of give me.

    I was tired, but stayed up and fixed some goodies. Pops even helped. He shelled pecans for some of the chuny cookies and pies. Made a batch of those, some peanut butter balls, and a batch of the M & M Cookies. So nice platter of cookies. 2 pecan pies, apple pie and coconut cake. Also fixed 2 banana breads and will slice for a tray. Should have enough for a nice table in the staff break room.

    I know he don't mean he ok with me going back to volunteer there, but knew this was always one of my special projects. So ladies I could be MISSING for a few hours this morning.
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    Have a wonderful time!!


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      Jo was a wonderful day, just ended too soon. But didn't need to get in rush of school letting out to come home.

      Pops and I got to school early, and office lady let us intoTeachers break room. Lots will come in for a cup of coffee in the morning. So Pops got the big pot started while I fixing table of goodies. As one or 2 come in noticed we there, some more drop in. Good to see them all. Couple ask if I had time to run off some copies for them. Pops said staying to around lunch time, so they dropped off what needed printed out and I run off and left in their mail boxes.

      Knew the library lady not be there there until 10:30, so she come thru. Pops said, go ahead and he would clean up and meet us at the library. I had brought 3 books I won for the older children 9-10. So she added them in on computer an put note Christmas Gift from me. Thought that was sweet.
      Helped her set up movie for a 2nd grade class . Nice to see some of my little friends. It was the day for a Christmas Story to be read to them. She let me do that. Read Little Blue Truck's Christmas. Didn't know Pops standing over to side listening. *he winked and said we had some talking to do??? Also the ones that had brought books back, got to pick out a new one to take home. Always a few at this age, ask for help to pick out JUST THE RIGHT ONE.

      She ask if we had time enough to have lunch with her, we ordered pizza and Pops went to pick up for us. Just helped her get some books back in computer while he gone. She ask if he ok with me doing volunteer again. Said no, just a special day to get to see everyone. But she did invite us back for the Christmas Program and he has promised we will be there??

      Been a super day.


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        I am so glad you got to do this!!! I'd say it was a very nice day!