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Update on BIL

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  • Update on BIL

    His appointments many this week. One doctor took him off 1 med, but then the heart doctor gaged his breathing. Has now ordered the small pkg the size to carry in a book bag. Just waiting for the approval from insurance for that.

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    I am guessing you mean for oxyget --- hope it gets approved.


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      Jo, for years had oxygen in bedroom to use if needed. But now the heart doctor wants him to have the small tank to take around with him. Sis real down last night when talked with her. That R. Art. is giving her a fit. Another big shot for that earlier in the week. Getting near he holiday, and she always enjoyed the shopping, cooking, but not up to all that. Most times when leave him for therapy, quick trip for groceries, bank stuff, or fill up gas. That's about her out time.