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Georgia Hit With Tons Power Outgages

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  • Georgia Hit With Tons Power Outgages

    Tried to get in touch with SIl, neice and family in Dublin. Do just like last year, sounds like phone ringing. I know they don't have power.

    Found this:
    The girl died when debris fell onto her family's trailer in Seminole County, which is located on the Georgia-Alabama-Florida boheyheyrder, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. As of 8 a.m. Thursday, notes there are more than 320,000 Georgia residents without power. The hardest hit counties include 99 percent of residents in Stewart and Grady counties are without power, as are 98 percent citizens in Decatur, Worth and Lee counties, 97 percent of residents in Seminole, Dougherty and Randolph counties, 96 percent residents in Miller and Mitchell counties, 87 percent of Calhoun County residents and about 86 percent of citizens in Sumter County.

    Then found a list of over 100 counties that had been declared State of Emergency by their Governor. Well Laurens County (Dublin and Macon Area) on that list. Lots of ties with different areas in GA, and they also on list. Even up near Waycross, GA where have tons of friends. Well their cell phone can't get thru either, so guess phone towers out also.

    GA not use to weather like this. Too many rural areas, with those poles for lights. Niece lives way out in country, so poles repaired. will take a long time to get to. Last year they brought crews from other states. Pops and I will just need to try to keep up with what happening up that area. Might as well start gathering food and to take as soon as safe to go that way. Know last time needed very much.

    MY AREA: Still have power, and really want to get out and do a walk thru neighborhood. 2 have ask on our Homeowners Web Page for recommendatons. One for a fence to be put up. Wiped out. Another said large oak down in front yard. Could hear some trees cracking during the night, but best I can tell not a near neighbor. One guy did come by and we sitting on porch. Stopped said front entrance only 1 lane open tree blocking other. Could be someone cut out a spot big eough to allow one car at time to enter.
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    That is a LOT of people without power.