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  • Playing With Sand

    Director called this morning and needed men to volunteer to fill sandbags for the seniors at the center. County had brought out 2 dump truck loads the morning. So Pete, Pops and 4 other men showed up to help.They limited 5 bags each and run out. But it helped some. Baby and I went with him to center. Helped the ladies, store the food items donated. Donations coming in good, but just might need before all this is over.

    Some ladies bagged up all the ice from the ice makers, and ones that needed extra ice to put in freezers took home with them. Will at least Now the big ice makers can have time enough to fill up again. Power company already told us, if power goes out, centain areas will be restored first. So need to try to save what you can. Will at least have some ice to pack a cooler if needed. Pops and I ok with that. Before daylight, went thru stuff in freezer, and anything questionable put out for trash man. Extra ice pks in freezer*save ones that come in Pops Meds. Would have these to help pack coolers later if need.

    Back home now, and hope to stay home rest of day. Florence a Cat 2 Hurricane now and up to 105 mile hours wind. Said a Cat 3 before day is over.
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    130 Miles and Cat 3 now. But a little good news for us, now moving at 13 miles an hour. Yesterday was traveling very slow. Just heard on news that Charleston Southern University would end classes and close office at 2:00 pm today. Give the students a chance to get to their homes before the worst. We have students there from lots of states. This is the college that the kids and Kevin go to school.


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      Stay safe!