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  • What does this mean??



    Looks like this domain's DNS hosting service has expired. If you are the administrator for this domain, please log into your DNS Made Easy account and renew your services. If you do not have a DNS Made Easy account, please contact your hosting provider."

    All day today, I've been getting this "OOPS" message when I try to access OLS. I have no idea what it means or what's going on. Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it just my aging desktop computer somehow being blocked?

    I'm stumped. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I just checked and the link below brought up the page of new sweeps. Maybe they just late renewing their web page??


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      Thanks! Used your link, and it came up!


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        Oh gosh, now I can't get into OLS no matter what I try. All of a sudden, right in the middle of entering my saved sweeps today, it blocked me out & said "not available." It's puzzling.


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          Originally posted by Snowbirdy View Post
          Oh gosh, now I can't get into OLS no matter what I try. All of a sudden, right in the middle of entering my saved sweeps today, it blocked me out & said "not available." It's puzzling.
          I just get a blank page when I tried a few minutes ago. Hope back soon.


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            I googled it...there is an OLS trouble reporting site...and it said OLS has been down for 8 hours & 23 minutes. It shows other recent down times. And it diagnosis the trouble, saying it's not just the individual, but the OLS site itself is down for everyone.

            The site has grown so big, they're saying it's possibly being overloaded (overcrowded?). I hope they can fix it soon.


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              Back up now


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                Thanks! Just got into it, whew!


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                  Sure didn't miss this Glad it's all back to normal for you.


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                    More OLS troubles.

                    There is a column now with literally dozens of OLS members who have renewed (paid) their membership fees through PayPal, but OLS never credited it to them nor "turned them green" again.

                    Some of the "lost" PayPal payments go way back to June. Of course they can still access the non-premium areas of OLS, but not the best features.

                    Since my premium membership is up for renewal again in 3 days, I am watching it carefully. With my meager retirement budget, I can't afford to lose any money at all, so if they can't fix it, I won't even try to send them money.

                    I know many RHSS members and guests are OLS members also. So, this is just a heads up, and please be careful. I care.
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                      Now the OLS "complaint list" of people who sent money but haven't gotten their premium membership is up to 45. And there's more than one list. So, until (and if) OLS fixes the problems, I will not send them anymore money.


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                        Hmmm -- well hope this straightens out soon for everyone. There are many reasons web sites can be down -- and many not the fault of the site owner, etc. Our site for is and has been for over 2 years now being bombarded in attack with millions of requests for information in a day. That's an impossible amount really -- but it's a cyber attack. So we had to move our site to new servers to handle the attack... larger providers have filters which can weed out a lot of the attacks requests by just preventing any foreign(non US) inquiries for example. I hope they can straighten this out.

                        They could also be just moving their web site and info to a new site and experiencing glitches. It happens.
                        What I don't understand is paying customers not being given access they paid for, unless the person who does the "greening" of paying customers can't get to where they need to do it. ....
                        Hope it works out for you all soon.


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                          Well, the problem is still ongoing with OLS. PayPal says they're sending the payments to OLS, but OLS is not crediting them, so the problem is on OLS' side, not PayPal.

                          So, my premium subscription expired today, and I will not renew until (and if) OLS fixes it.

                          Basic (free) OLS still has lots of sweeps to enter, mostly magazine sweeps, Leite's, Steamy Kitchen, lots of blogs, etc.

                          And I've memorized some urls like, so I can stil enter. So, my daily sweeps entering goes on here, there & everywhere!

                          Happy sweeping everyone!