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How to use the Filters to sort your Favorite Sweeps


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  • Tips and Tricks
    Tips and Tricks RHSS
    d7dot 3/15/2017
    • Treat sweeping as a hobby, which it is, and not as a job, which it isn’t. Occasionally we all suffer from sweeps burnout. Take a break, it is not a sin to miss a day sweeping, but the Force is With You if you enter consistently and persistently.
    • If you do enter, enter as many sweepstakes as possible. This might seem obvious but the more contests you enter, the better your odds are of winning something! This might seem overwhelming at first, but this
    05-29-2019, 09:02 AM
  • How to use the Filters to sort your Favorite Sweeps
    If you prefer a particular type of sweeps, you can use the Filters to list only those sweeps. The choice is revocable so you can use multiple filters to group sweeps as you wish, based upon any of the filter choices, Daily, Monthly, etc. The default order is descending, so the newest/latest sweeps are always at the top. See the screen shot for a visual aid.

    Click on the screen shot to enlarge it....
    05-21-2019, 08:01 PM